Bachmann is Hitler

(this is my first RS diary, hope you enjoy)

Honestly, I’m a little disappointed in our media that they haven’t been pointing this out. It really shows what a pathetic bunch of parrots they are. They get the establishment talking points and just squawk slightly different versions of the garbage based on how their stunted minds accidentally skew it. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are very talented, but when ‘everyone’ comes to the same conclusions, and ‘everyone’ has the same one line zingers, they’re reading from the talking points script… and calling Bachmann ‘Hitler’ really has Ed Shultz’s written all over it. I guess the DNC hasn’t made the connection that Hitler had migraine’s too, otherwise you know it would have ended up in some talking points. 

It’s this fun game the MSM likes to play, where they make illogical associations based on faulty logic. Here they say, ‘look, if A=C, and B=C, then A=B right?’. Yes, that is true mathmatically, but watch out because this is what’s coming – ‘well if Bachmann has migraine’s, and Hitler has migraine’s, then Bachmann must equal Hitler right?’. Of course they don’t just come out and say it like that, It just sounds silly, but they make the loose association and talking about the two in the same light, and pushing people toward that conclusion.

But Bachmann is more than just a headache… well maybe that’s all to liberals, but there is definitely more that defines her than just migranes! So it is an illogical conclusion they want you to come too.