DELAWARE'S CHOICE: Another Elite, Rich Lawyer or Christine O'Donnell?


Do you believe America is headed in the right direction? 

Chris Coons has boasted that he will “rubber stamp” the current agenda of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  Do you like America’s direction?  Now you decide.

Delaware faces a simple question.   Do voters agree with Christine O’Donnell that….?

o     America’s budget deficits are out of control at over a trillion dollars a year.  Elite insiders of both parties have been to blame.  No more excuses.  Period.

o     Soaring interest payments on government debt threaten to spiral out of control and cripple our future.  We are headed toward national bankruptcy.

o     Government spending does not stimulate the economy… because the government has no money to spend without borrowing it first.  John F. Kennedy proved that lower taxes stimulate the economy. 

 o     Government must balance its budget.  Necessary government services obviously cost money.  But our family budgets at home must take priority.  Government must go on a diet, not just burden our families.  Christine has promised that if she is in the Senate, she  will not vote to raise taxes “one more dime.” 

 o     We need a bigger economy and smaller government.

 o     Job-killing “cap and trade” will drive up energy costs and the price of almost everything in our lives, by an estimated $1,200 per family or more.  I believe our economy is stagnant now because businesses are worrying about future regulation.  Cap & trade will be a massive regulatory take-over of our economy

 o     Health care must not become just an excuse for a massive expansion of government control over our lives.  We must replace Obama Care with practical, freedom-based solutions.  We all agree on providing health care to those who need it, and correcting injustice, while marshalling personal responsibility.  Insurance companies must keep their promises.  No more games.  No excuses. 

 o     Sleazy back-room deals and wasteful earmarks have to stop.  Period.

 o     No one should be taxed simply for dying. 

 o     We want Washington to defend our country, not apologize for it.

 o     I admire those who join our country honorably.  But illegal and uncontrolled immigration takes jobs away from deserving Americans and drives wages down.

 o     We need leaders who understand that they work for you.  While we go through the struggles of our times, our political elites have not been listening. 

 o     Our State and local governments have a serious role to play in our nation.

 o     Our US Constitution is the rule book for politicians, not a set of suggestions.

 So, who will be your voice fighting for you in the U.S. Senate?   Which candidate for U.S. Senate understands your life better?   Will yet another millionaire, insider lawyer make Congress understand your lives better?  Or do we need a citizen politician who knows better what you have been going through?