Wilmington, Delaware (October 31, 2010)Chris Coons lied to the voters of New Castle County before, by promising not to raise taxes, and now US Senate candidate Chris Coons is caught lying to Delaware voters again.    These lies are easy to see and expose.
COONS’ LIE:  In campaign material on the internet and elsewhere listed as paid for by “Chris Coons for Delaware,” Chris Coons makes several false claims to Delaware voters about Republican Nominee for US Senate Christine O’Donnell:
COONS’ LIEO’Donnell wants to open our coastlines to more dangerous off-shore drilling risks.
THE TRUTH:   Christine O’Donnell wants each State potentially affected by off-shore drilling to make their own decision.   It appears from public sentiment that Delaware might oppose drilling in our area, and Christine O’Donnell supports that decision if Delaware wants to prohibit drilling off Delaware’s coast.   Other States, like Louisiana, are extremely eager to resume drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Washington needs to start listening to the people, including in each State, not bowing to extremists with a leftist agenda that does not serve America’s interests.  Unfortunately, liberals like Coons seem to be unable to understand the idea of letting local communities and States make their own decision.

COONS’ LIE:  Coons is now claiming that Christine O’Donnell wants to undercut health care provided to veterans through the Veterans Administration. 
THE TRUTH:   Christine O’Donnell already explained her proposal on national television in an interview with Greta Van Sustren.  See:
In the interview, Christine O’Donnell unmistakably explains that her proposal is to provide alternatives for veterans geographically remote from Veterans Administration hospitals.  O’Donnell clearly describes this as an option in addition to the existing VA system.  She explains the purpose to help veterans for whom travel to VA hospitals is inconvenient or expensive.
So, for Chris Coons to lie about Christine O’Donnell’s proposal shows amazing stupidity by Chris Coons.  Coons not only lied, but told a lie very easy to disprove, since the entire nation heard Christine O’Donnell’s proposal directly.   See:


Coons lied about something that anyone can see for themselves.
Chris Coons also questions Christine O’Donnell’s commitment to veterans.  Yet Christine O’Donnell clearly explains in her announcement that it was veterans themselves who came up with the idea.
Is Coons unqualified to be a Senator?  He did not do his homework.  A proposal requested by veterans organizations Coons call anti-veteran.  Coons does not sound very smart, when the media mask comes off.

COONS’ LIE:   No Plan for Jobs
THE TRUTH:   Christine O’Donnell is the only candidate with a plan for creating jobs in Delaware and the nation.  However, her plan does not involve bigger government and more Federal spending, so it doesn’t count in Coons’ mind. 
Only bigger government, more debt, more regulation, and more Federal spending can be considered in Coons’ big government philosophy.  That is exactly what caused our nation’s problems, starting when Democrats’ took over Congress in November 2006. 
Coons may not like O’Donnell’s pro-free enterprise approach.  But Coons is telling a bald-faced lie by denying that O’Donnell has a plan for jobs.
Christine O’Donnell has explained her detailed plans for growing jobs in almost every campaign appearance for months.   However, getting government out of the people’s way and putting money back into the hands of job-creators doesn’t fit Coon’s concept of a command-and-control economy. 
O’Donnell advocates the only proven job-creating method, which President John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan both used:   Reduce the tax burden on the economy.  Chris Coons, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama propose to put their feet on the brake by burdening job-creators with higher taxes.  
Christine O’Donnell proposes to release the energy of job-creating industry by a two-year moratorium on the capital gains tax (which often reflects double or triple taxation of business activity), elimination of the estate tax, continuation of the Bush tax cuts, and putting Washington’s regulatory appetite on a diet.

UNION LIE IN SUPPORT OF COONS:  Elsewhere, independent campaign material makes the laughable claim that Christine O’Donnell would support corporate bailouts
THE TRUTH Christine O’Donnell has been a harsh, consistent, outspoken critic of the bailouts by both Republican and Democrat Administrations and Congresses.   O’Donnell has been a harsh critic of the Keynesian economic philosophy of liberals in both parties.  O’Donnell has publicly argued for years that government spending – using borrowed money – cannot stimulate the economy because the government has no money to spend without first removing the money from somewhere else in the economy.  Corporate bailouts have failed and simply left America with massive debt and dangerous interest expense.   O’Donnell similarly has been a strong opponent of Congressional earmarks for many years.

COONS’ LIE Will lead the charge against stem-cell research, falsely claiming that this ground breaking research exploits women. 
THE TRUTH:   Coons seems unqualified to vote on these issues in the U.S. Senate, not understanding that there are two types of stem cell research, involving:  (1) adult stem cells which do not involve destroying a human life and actually show some promise in research,  (2) embryonic stem cells which show almost no likelihood of producing any benefits and which depend upon killing a viable human embryo.   Of course, by “embryo” we mean the beginning of human life.  
Christine O’Donnell has opposed the destruction of human embryos – human life – for medical research, arguing that we must respect life, and that adult stem cells can be used instead.  As a purely scientific decision, only adult stem cells would justify research dollars.  Embryonic stem cells show very little hope of producing the medical benefits of adult stem cells.  However, as a political issue to further de-humanize babies growing in the womb, embryonic stem cells are used – purely politically — by those who want to convince us to sacrifice human life for utilitarian benefits. 

COONS’ LIE:  Wants public schools to teach Creationism
THE TRUTH:   Coons is unqualified as a U.S. Senate candidate, not knowing that Washington promised not to interfere with school curricula when the U.S. Department of Education was created under Jimmy Carter.   Coons seems out of his depth concerning how Washington works. 
Christine O’Donnell has passionately defended the role of local school boards to make their own decisions about school curricula without interference from the Federal government.  In debates with Chris Coons, O’Donnell repeatedly demanded that Coons explain what possible relevance this topic has to the U.S. Senate race, because local school boards – not the U.S. Senate – must decide what is taught in public schools.  That is because local schools are closest to the parents, being elected by local communities.
Coons is also uninformed and out of his depth on the substance of evolution and Intelligent Design.  Teaching science means teaching students to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and probe conventional wisdom.  All science depends upon the ability to disagree with established ideas, and to prove every idea with hard test results from repeated experiments by independent teams of researchers.  Intelligent Design is exactly that — a rigorous, scientific examination of the physical world to test whether the physical world can or cannot be explained by random chance.  Intelligent Design does not refer to any religious text or any particular God or religious belief.  Intelligent Design is in the best traditions of science by testing specific evolutionary hypotheses.