Over 200 Leading Texas Republican Women Endorse Ted Cruz for Senate

The Ted Cruz for Senate campaign announced today that over 200 leading Texas Republican women have personally endorsed the campaign, including over half of the current statewide leadership of TFRW that is permitted to and intends to endorse in Republican primaries.  Cruz has been endorsed by more Republican women than any other candidate in the US Senate race.  Why is this important?

The Republican women that make up the membership of the Texas Federation of Republican Women is over 11,000 ladies strong with 163 local clubs across the state.  TFRW is the second largest Republican women’s federation in the nation and in the last election cycle TFRW members logged over 850,000 hours working on campaigns.  You can be assured that thousands of these campaign hours will be spent advancing the Ted Cruz campaign.  TFRW is undeniably the most powerful political organization in Texas today.

Karen Townsend, the immediate past President of the Memorial West Republican Women’s Club, blogged her reasons for supporting Ted Cruz as a Republican Women leader, in short, because he is a “Happy Warrior.”

Ted Cruz, though, grabbed me. He captured my attention with the first speech I heard him deliver.  He is a compelling candidate – he inspires the audience.  In times like this, we need some real inspiration.  We are a nation mired in despair and anger.  We need someone fresh who will inspire us all.  Most importantly, we need someone who will inspire us as Republicans to be happy warriors.  Ted Cruz is a happy warrior.

Will you join Karen and 200 plus other Republican Women in supporting Ted Cruz?

Note:  These are individual endorsements.  The Texas Federation of Republican Women does not and cannot endorse in a Republican primary, and current TFRW club Presidents and Campaign Activities Chairs are not permitted to endorse.

* I work for the Ted Cruz campaign and am very biased, but can 200 plus Republican Women be wrong?