Noodling Bill Passes #TxLege

Today the Texas Senate debated and passed the “noodling” bill, HB 2189, that legalizes and regulates hand fishing for catfish in Texas.  The bill has all ready passed the Texas House, next step is for Governor Perry to sign it into law.


Currently it is illegal to noodle, or to hand-fish for catfish, in Texas and if you are caught noodling you can be fined $500.  With the final passage of HB 2189 you can legally noodle if you purchase a Texas freshwater fishing licenses and stamp.

To noodle, one uses their hands as bait for the catfish while wadding in a freshwater lake or stream.  The fish bites the bait, your hand, and then you pull the fish up on your hand.

Noodling can be summarized as a type of sport fishing that requires the fisher, called a noodler, to catch a catfish using a very unconventional way of fishing. This may sound relatively easy, find the catfish, and make some sort of contraption to catch the catfish, voila! The method of noodling is not as easy as it sounds. The first issue arises when we find out that the flathead catfish we are preying on tend to live in holes or underbrush in rivers and lakes. This requires the noodler to swim out into the water, whether it is only a few feet deep, or up to twenty feet deep, and find a hole where the flathead catfish is residing. Once the noodler finds the hole, he or she then put his or her hands into the dark hole to try and lure out a catfish. Now, the ‘contraption’ used to obtain the catfish is the most primal of all tools; the noodler rams their entire hand and forearm into the catfish’s gullet and pulls it from the hole.

The quote of the day goes to Senator Bob Deuell, the Senate  sponsor for the bill,

“I personally don’t noodle, but I would defend to the death your right to do so.”

Not to be out done by the noddlers, monster hunters claimed that the chupacabra was recently sited outside of San Antonio, seriously.