Support the 1847 Walker Colt Revolver as the Official State Gun of Texas

Texas needs an official state gun, Arizona and Utah have one, why don’t we?  What a better why to express the rugged individualism and self reliance that has defined the great people of Texas since the days of the Republic than by honoring the Walker Colt as the official state gun of Texas.  Without the Walker Colt Revolver in the hands of the Texas Rangers the Republic of Texas might not of survived the trials and tribulations that it did on its path to statehood.

Texans for Walker Colt” has officially launched calling on the Texas Legislature to recognize the 1847 Walker Colt Revolver .44 as the official state gun of Texas.

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Please join the facebook group “Texans for Walker Colt” and invite your friends if you support this noble cause!  You can follow the 1847 Walker Colt Revovler on twitter as well @1847WalkerColt.

This is a grassroots movement to establish not only an official gun for the Great State of Texas but to also designate the legendary Walker Colt .44 Caliber Revolver as the Official Gun of Texas.

The Texas Rangers since their founding in 1823 have defended Texas with honor, valor and dedication and exemplified the Texas ideal of rugged individualism. The Texas Rangers could not of done it without the assistance of their trusty sidearm, the 1847 Walker Colt .44 Revolver.

Texas Ranger Samuel Walker used Colt’s earlier pistols, but was unhappy with their performance on the frontiers of Texas and knew Colt could do better. Ranger Walker made some practical recommendations to Samuel Colt that led to the development of the 1847 Walker Colt .44 Revolver which is known as the first truly effective military revolver and a major breakthrough for repeating arms. Walker claimed that the new revolvers were “as effective as a common rifle at 100 yards and superior to a musket even at 200.” Ranger Walker quickly ordered 1,000 upgraded Colt Revolvers and introduced them into the ranks of the Texas Rangers defending the new Republic of Texas and the rest is history… until now.

We want to continue to honor Texas Ranger Walker and his legendary revolver by establishing it as the Official Gun of Texas. If support this effort please “Like” the facebook page, suggest it to friends, make a comment on our wall, give it a shout out on twitter @1847WalkerColt and contact your legislator.

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