Message from Texans for Rick Perry: A Great Night for Our Campaign and Our Supporters!

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What a great night for our campaign and our supporters!! Governor Perry distinguished himself as the conservative leader to help Texas remain the best state to live, work, and raise a family. Tonight, Governor Perry pulled away from his challenger and delivered a decisive victory in KERA’s gubernatorial debate.

Governor Perry’s performance tonight— energetic and in command of the issues from start to finish— demonstrated why so many folks are joining Governor Perry’s campaign team every single day.

The audience responded extremely well to Gov. Perry’s performance, and, judging from the raucous noise and positive feedback coming from the sizeable crowd here at our sold out post-debate party in Denton, it is undeniable that the momentum in this campaign is completely on our side. The folks back at the campaign office back in Austin informed me the phones have been ringing off the hook with supporters praising the governor’s remarks and asking how they can help the campaign.

A few quick ways to keep the momentum on our side include:

  1. Signing up as a Home Headquarters by visiting http://hq.rickperry.org/join/n7zz2
  2. raising money for the campaign with your own personal link at http://rickperry.org/fundraise
  3. becoming a supporter of Rick Perry on Facebook: http://Facebook.com/GovernorPerry
  4. following the campaign on Twitter: http://Twitter.com/GovPerry2010
  5. attending our blogger summit later this month: http://rickperry.org/bloggersummit
  6. pledge to vote for Governor Perry on March 2nd: http://hq.rickperry.org/join/0b78v

Tonight, the Governor spoke about his record of fiscal discipline; Rick Perry is the only Texas governor since World War II to sign a budget that cut general revenue spending in the state budget— and he’s done it twice. Governor Perry explained how Texas is standing up to Washington’s wasteful spending and one-size-fits-all mandates. He spoke about how Texas is taking the lead in securing our border because of Washington’s failure to do so. He also noted that Texas has some of the strongest accountability and curriculum standards in education and that student test scores have been rising under his leadership.

Tonight, the Governor articulated his unwavering Texas values and his record of proven conservative leadership, and we are asking you to actively help Gov. Perry spread his conservative message and the Texas success story. Your advocacy will keep our tremendous momentum building and help us grow the largest grassroots effort in Texas’ history! Thanks to all the hard work you’re doing to help the campaign, we are positioned for a strong finish over the next few weeks.

Rob Johnson
Campaign Manager
Texans for Rick Perry

If you want to join the campaign email me at [email protected]

For more updates on Governor Perry’s campaign visit The Right Side of Austin.