Texas Will Emerge First From the Recession

A post from my team, the Perry campaign about inserting free market principles into state government, shocking I know!  Maybe some other states should start paying attention to what we are doing in Texas…not to mention D.C.

Governor Perry has consistently asserted the need for states to compete. It’s a prime example of inserting free-market principles into government. When states compete, everybody wins—people vote with their feet, and state economies accurately depict whether or not each state is under strong leadership.

The federal government’s mismanagement of the economy in the past few years has left Americans worried about the future and worried about their wallets. It is abundantly clear that politicians in Washington don’t know what’s best for Texans. As we face an overreaching government machine in D.C.—one trying to shove a one-size-fits-all, socialized health care debacle down our throats—the states become the only agents of freedom and the driving economic force to bring the country out of recession.

Texas is the blueprint for limited government, low taxes, and individual liberty. It is no coincidence that conservative leadership has kept Texas the most prosperous state in the nation. Even the Brookings Institute, notorious for being left-of-center, is admitting that Texas has the right idea to drive economic success. Texas has the top three economically strongest metro areas, and six of the top 20:

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IHS Global Insight took the discussion to the next level, acknowledging that Texas will lead the country out of recession.

“Two Texas markets will be the first to recover from the recession, says a nationwide forecast by IHS Global Insight.

Austin and San Antonio will bounce back to their pre-recession job levels sometime next year, according to the economic forecasting firm, which is based in Lexington, Mass.

Eight other metropolitan areas are predicted to recover by 2011, a group that includes Texas’ two largest markets, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, along with Washington, D.C.”

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