I quit.

I wish I’d researched Eagle Publishing and Regnery’s associations much sooner – I might have spared myself some of the dismay with its sordid roster of authors (whom it may also be cheating) and its methods of attack-journalism as evidenced in Human Events. The events of the last two weeks have only amplified my desire to no longer associate with agents of voter exploitation and reactionary punditry. Frankly, I’m disgusted that some of those people make a living peddling manufactured outrage and lies, while my honest attempts to find truth have been largely unrewarded. I have difficulty believing this is the same Human Events that was Ronald Reagan’s favorite periodical.

I’ve enjoyed, and will miss some of the RS regulars, but I can’t be a part of this anymore. Recent discourse has proven RS is itself not free from prejudice, intellectual or otherwise. From now on, I wish to communicate to the online world exclusively from my own sites and the occasional comment on a few scattered and diverse other sites of my choosing. This isn’t quite how I wanted to mark 5 years of blogging but I must be honest with myself and everyone I contact, however much money I lose by believing that integrity is a supreme American value.

UPDATE by Erick: Let me jump in here and make a couple of points. (1) It is sad that Jonlester is jumping ship basing his decision to do so on a leftwing funded site’s inaccurate portray of the lawsuit. (2) It’s worth pointing out that the lawsuit was (a) thrown out of court (b) sent to arbitration (c) won by Eagle in arbitration and (d) the original plaintiff was forced to pay Eagle back money that he took and failed to deliver a book with.

BTW Jonlester, the last time you abandoned RedState (is this your second or third time?) you were at least courteous enough not to pee in the pool first. You’ve manage to set a new standard combining bridge burning, lefty talking points, and fleeing the scene. Bloody brilliant if you ask me!