No heroes or clean hands in S. Ossetia

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This weekend’s rapidly escalating fighting in the former Soviet republic of Georgia is absolutely appalling. Saakashvili’s irresponsible and disastrous offensive to retake South Ossetia has provoked a predictably heavy-handed Russian retaliation. Both sides seem to be indiscriminately shelling and bombing civilian areas for (apparently) no greater cause than ethnocentric identity.

Things weren’t looking good for the next US president’s foreign policy, anyway, with Obama advised by Brzezinski and McCain advised by Scheunemann, we were already looking at needless antagonism of Russia, which would set back future energy supply farther than new domestic drilling could ever make up for, among other important considerations. Now Russia’s hand has been forced and the whole thing is just a sorry spectacle for all.

For better elaboration on my under-attributed submission, I think I most favor Anne Applebaum’s take on the whole scenario.

BTW, I have added A Secondhand Conjecture to the blogroll because that’s been the best blog roundup of South Ossetia news and views I’ve found tonight.


I say “extra” because I wish to mention something extraneous to the main body of the post, in the sense that it ties my region to the region in question and adds a few human faces to my expressed position, and I also do this with no express or implied attempt to characterize the opinions of the subject matter held by those individuals. Our Congressman is Rep. Paul Broun, MD, and tonight, his official front page has a photo of a recent visit with University of Georgia head football coach Mark Richt, who has adopted two orphans from Ukraine.