Primary Preference Polling - May 2011

RedStaters –

Gingrich is in.  Huckabee is out.  Cain is in.  Daniels is out.  Pawlenty is in.  Palin is ???

As the Republican presidential field is taking shape, the existence of so many personalities vying for your support creates an interesting dynamic that would be great to explore.

Please take a moment to participate in a simple but effectively-designed presidential primary poll (through SurveyMonkey) that will give a glimpse into understanding the dynamics of support for various candidates among active RedStaters at this time.  Not only will this poll give an indication of first preferences among the responders, it will also give an indication of who is waiting in the wings if a candidate falters or withdraws.  (For instance, what impact would Sarah Palin’s entry into the race have – and who will be most affected?  OR Which candidates are most correlated in their supporters?)

How this is done – the Pick 4 framework:  From the list provided, simply cast your vote for your #1 preferred candidate.  Then, assume that your #1 preferred candidate is no longer available to choose:  who would be your candidate of choice among the rest?  Do this again for your 3rd and 4th choice.  You will have to pick your top 4 choices.  [Note: For the 4th choice, I do give you an option to say you would not vote in the primary, but please do not use this if at all possible.  Usually at that stage you would still vote – if nothing else, voting for someone as a vote against someone you perceive to be even worse!!  ;o) ]

I hope this will become a monthly snapshot of the leanings of RedState participants – giving an indicator of shifts and trends in the attractiveness of the various campaigns.

Please participate in this inaugural poll and encourage others to participate as well.  It only takes a minute.  It would be great to get a large set of responses to analyze.

The deadline for participation is Saturday night, May 28th.  Thanks for your consideration!