KY-3: Repeal and Replace John Yarmuth (D)

Fellow Red-Staters:


To institute fiscal sanity in the nation’s capitol, the first order of business in 2010 must be to secure the House in overwhelming fashion.  With that in mind, it is time for me to call your attention to Louisville, KY and the removal of Congressman John Yarmuth.  Kentucky’s 3rd District has all the necessary ingredients to be a very consequential pick-up for Republicans in 2010. 


Brief history:  While a reputed pro-life, blue-dog Democrat Ron Mazolli dominated this district for 24 years, more recently, Republican Anne Northup served the district for 10 years until narrowly losing in the 2006 election to Yarmuth.  The general shift in electoral sentiment at that time swept her out with so many others.  Obama-mania made Yarmuth’s re-election bid in 2008 (against Northup once again) an easy contest.  However, Mazolli’s conservative claims and Northup’s prior successes demonstrate that KY-3 has conservative tendencies and is a great pick-up opportunity in this electoral environment. 


2010:  What a difference a year (2009) makes.  The hard-left agenda of Obama, Reid and Pelosi has exposed the full extent of Yarmuth’s own radical ideology.  Unlike some of his Democrat colleagues who have tried to hide the level of their liberalism, Yarmuth has wholly embraced every leftist cause and thereby sought to rise quickly toward House leadership.  He views himself as a rising star – and many in DC may agree.  But he has “left” Louisville behind.  Given his consistently extreme-liberal positions, he has nowhere “left” to go.  Simply put, repealing and replacing John Yarmuth in 2010 is very significant to the course of our future as it will be eliminating an aspiring future head of the leftist movement.


The great news:  Todd Lally, the Republican nominee in 2010, is an excellent challenger for this race.  Todd, a life-long Louisvillian with an extensive and impressive military background, is the high quality, next generation Republican we need to successfully contrast with Yarmuth.  With Todd, this race is not simply an attempt to oust a bad actor with just anyone.  Lally’s positions of 1) government restraint to enable a return of private sector growth, 2) a strong national defense and border security, and 3) a respect for life and related issues present a well-rounded candidate worthy of RedState support.  From the healthcare takeover to reckless spending to impending tax increases to illegal immigration to cap-n-trade to card check, the contrast will be very clear.


In the May primary, Todd demonstrated impressive attractiveness as a candidate by garnering over 50% of the primary vote in a 4 candidate race.  [One thing I particularly liked about this result…  This decisive win occurred even though the NRCC and the Liberal Courier-Journal (as I like to call it) had tapped another Republican candidate in the race as their preferred choice.]  All primary candidates (to their credit) have united to strongly support Lally in the general.  Recent polls show Todd well within striking distance even as the Liberal Courier-Journal tries to ignore his candidacy to hamper his growth in name recognition and popularity. 


33 for the 3rd:  Continuing to raise Todd’s name ID and remind voters of Yarmuth’s actual record will remove this political wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing from Washington.  Todd needs to amass the sufficient base of funds to ensure his message can penetrate in the district.  Good news:  In the most recent quarter, Todd Lally out-raised Congressman Yarmuth.  Locally, the momentum and interest is on his side.  However, now is the time for RedStaters to step up and support him in this significant campaign.  At this time, join me in donating “33 for the 3rd.”  (Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?) 


Parting thought:  In 2006, one of the early races that indicated it would be a long and bad night for Republicans was KY-3 – Yarmuth beating Northup.  In 2010, let’s welcome back fiscal sanity with an early call for Todd Lally – leading to a great night for the country. 


33 for the 3rd. 


Hey, Moe – contact him and set up an interview??


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