Young. Republican.

Looking to get more involved in local Republican Party activities, I recently have attended the local Young Republicans meetings.  Even though I no longer quite qualify for the “young” designation, it is enjoyable to see the energy and efforts of this rising generation.

One question that has been raised is how to effectively message and market to the generation that was strongly attracted to Obama in 2008.  I submitted the following suggestions, which I would like to share here as well for any and all who would find use of the concepts:

1)  Bumper Sticker and/or t-shirt:  “Fool Me Once…”  (with the Obama symbol as the O in Once)   

2) t-shirt and/or handout: 

Young.  Republican.

Because I want to live…   (National Security, Healthcare)

Because I want a job…   (Private Economic Growth)

Because I want options…   (Less Regulation, Lower Taxes)

Because I want a future…   (Fiscal Responsibility)

Young.  Republican.


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