What 3% can do

Throughout the history of the US, there has always been a small minority of people stepping up to right the wrongs bestowed up on them by some far away power. In most cases the stand was appropriate and the temporary violence justified the end means. In some cases the government did the wrong thing and helped to ensure a future of the overbearing government we have today. Unfortunately our history is pocked with events leading to our own destruction, because of the socialist mantra “the good of the many outweighs the freedom of the few”. The entire notion goes against Thomas Jefferson’s own words: “anyone willing to sacrifice freedom in the name of security, deserves neither”, yet the second generation to lead after the passing of the founding fathers generation started off the history of corruption.

In the late 1700s, it took 3% of the population to make a stand against an overbearing and evil government half a world away to declare their independence. The 1920s saw women finally making a stand for their own rights. In the 1960s a minority group stood against the government that had claimed to give them “freedom” 100 years prior yet they still were forced into segregated groups and facilities from everyone else. These are only the rare few cases where the end result was better than what preceeded.

On the other side of the isle we see events with an outcome later deemed “good” despite the wrong way to achieve it. As they say, “the winner dictates how history is portrayed”. This is where the mentally diseased liberals were able to justify violence (under the illegitimate guise of compassion), yet the real path forces the next big step towards socialism.
The first to fall under this category is the events that came when this nation was not even 100 years old, that lead to the Civil War. Even today our kids are taught (wrongly) that the Civil War was about slavery, how Lincoln was some great savior for the blacks, and any symbol associated with the Confederacy is seen as racist. Any real education on the subject shows that the Civil War was about states rights, as designed by our Founding Fathers (and the rarely heard Mothers behind the scenes), yet the government illegally declared war on the seceding states. Then the communist Russia fostering discontent among the American woman population leading them to protest for “equality” and “liberation”, despite them already having the same rights as men. Yet the real long term effect from this so called “women’s liberation movement” is the destruction of the American family, by teaching women that by having a family, they are contributing to some (communist enforced) notion that a family of a husband and wife is somehow outdated, spawning now 2 generations of kids who have no clue of what it is like to have a male presence in their life, and mothers refusing to teach them right from wrong. This leads to feminine males, masculine females and a mental deficiency where they have no moral compass to stop them from immoral and improper acts such as homosexuality and abortion.

From an economic standpoint, this nation was on pace and lead the world until the Income Tax Act of 1913. This started from the Great Depression of 1910. Oh wait there was no Great Depression of 1910 because the conservative Congress at the time stepped out of the way and let the free market fix the economic recession, and it was on pace to recover by 1915. Instead when the liberals took over in 1912, they introduced the Income tax Act of 1913 to mitigate the negative economic impact. To start with it only taxed the top 0.1% of income earners with a 0.5% tax, but the corrupt and liberals quickly stepped in to expand it every few presidential elections, while deregulating banks and allowing them to practice improper and immoral business practices such as loans for those who do not have the means to pay it back. This was one major factor leading to the economic collapse in the late 1920s. They quickly increased who was taxed and how much in the mid 1920s which only delayed the inevitable a few years, to hit this nation in full force by the drought, now claimed to be part of this “global warming” by liberals.

Once you start to piece the parts together, starting with the illegal events by the government ignoring states rights in the late 1850s, the governments direct interference in the economy of the free market in the 1920s, the forced welfare programs added under liberals in the 1940s and 50s (called the New Deal), and includes blatant racist liberals like Al Gore Sr, Robert Byrd, and others hiring to kill key black leaders such as MJK Jr to sew discontent between blacks and whites. We start to see the bigger picture, and how we must make a stand now to revert this nation back to the Republic that once stood, or we will end up some corrupt hollow shell, much like Russia since the wall fell. It starts to really show the real goals of the left, and how the only proper explanation is that liberalism is a mental disease. It uses buzzwords like caring and compassion to force the government to take everyones money, pocket 90-95% of it for themselves and their pet projects, and then have the nerve to claim themselves caring and compassionate. They use similar claims to say “for the safety of the people, we need to take your guns”, yet anyone with at least a middle school education knows that criminals (both on the streets and in the government) want unarmed victims. Hitler also had the same claims, and that is the end goal of the liberals. They will not be happy until conservatives and Christians are locked up in concentration camps and all their rights stripped, as the newly ordained “leaders” finalize the death of this nation.
What they fail to realize is that it would take less than 3% of this nation today to make a stand and fix everything. For those inclined to care more about the illegitimate “rights” of gays than care about math, heres some numbers for you:

3% of this nation (today at over 314 million) is 94 million people.

More than 78% of US citizens claims to be Christian.

There are more than 305 million guns in the US, and less than 0.2% of them (70,000) are in the hands of someone that should not legally have them. Over 35% of households claim they have a gun, but the actual number of Americans that legally own a gun cannot be determined since there is no registry (which is how it should be), but it is estimated to be somewhere in the 35-55% range, with a wide margin of error due to the bias of polls and pollster companies. The number of crimes by legal gun owners? It averages less than 1 crime every 7 years, in most cases it involves a person under the age of 21 who previously had legal ownership of the gun.

Less than 1% of the American population is gay, and less than 2.5% support gays. That means there are more people willing to stand up and fight to revert this nation back to a Republic, by force if necessary, than support gays. This leads to only one inevitable outcome: the more you push for this illegitimate gay “rights”, the more likely the 3% will make a stand leading to the second American Civil War, where anyone caught supporting gays, abortion, or any other communist, socialist or liberal agenda will be dealt with severely. On the kinder side, some will help you defect out of the nation, but not all will be so kind. How hard you push for your opinion based agenda via getting judges to illegally overturn gay marriage bans, or legislators to illegally pass gay marriage without voter approval determines your own fate. Today, next year, or next decade, your time is coming and soon. Just hope you only meet the nicer patriots when it hits the fan, we can’t help the extremists like Ron Paul supporters or Westboro Baptist supporters.

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