The new racism of the 21st Century

The modern racial climate in the new 21st century United States is anything but united, despite 200 years of the fight for true equality. To really see how we got where we are today, we have to go back half a century.
Despite Democrat filibusters lasting 57 days and lack of Democrat support for the Voting Rights act of 1965 (based on the Civil rights Act of 1964), it had finally passed the Senate on August 4, 1964 with 49 Democrats and 30 Republicans in favor, one Republican and 17 Democrats opposed. In the House, it was passed 289-126, with 91 Democrats voting against, and only 35 Republicans voting against. Even though there were still white racists opposed to equality, most were able to step back and keep their hatred bottled until their (Democrat based) KKK meetings and other secret hate group meetings. Over the next few years, things settled down and blacks were finally realizing they were on the path to true equality, and many whites were realizing their racism was unfounded as they worked side by side with blacks on a much more equal basis. Voices such as that of Martin Luther King, Jr. were slowly fading into the background except at certain events where he continued to fight towards true equality (many of which were fighting against racist companies that refused to pay blacks the same as whites for the same work and many times harder work ethic).  In his 1964 book, WHY WE CAN’T WAIT, Rev. King wrote: “Whenever this issue of compensatory or preferential treatment for the Negro is raised, some of our friends recoil in horror. The Negro should be granted equality, they agree, but he should ask for nothing more. On the surface, this appears reasonable, but it is not realistic.” To this day, he was the voice of true equality, not preferential treatment. In 1964, Senator Al Gore Sr. (D) sold out President Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Civil Rights movement by voting against the landmark Civil Rights Act (July 2, 1964), which dealt a death-blow to Jim Crow by outlawing racial segregation throughout the nation. Gore, Sr., also tried unsuccessfully to cripple the bill with an amendment stopping the cutoff of Federal funds to states that would defy the law, and perpetuate racial discrimination.

Then in 1968, the liberal racists were able to send race relations back down the tubes by murdering Martin Luther King, Jr. Up to this point there were liberal whites including high profile Democrats such as Al Gore Sr. and Robert Byrd voting against repealing segregation. Southern Democrats rallied around Jim Crow laws and Black Codes which were targeted against King’s message. Dixiecrats blocked the social and political progress of black Southerners for decades. After he was murdered, these same Democrats that fought for continued segregation, used tactics similar to Democrats of today, blaming whites, Republicans, conservatives and anyone but themselves. They pointed at James Earl Ray claiming he was a racist conservative Republican, but it was found out a few years later that he had been a registered Democrat since he was of legal age to vote, and several buried interviews of others that knew him personally, also knew of his association with the KKK.

What followed was entire groups of blacks going from relieved and working towards equality, to hearing the voices blaming white conservatives for MLK Jrs death, which infuriated them and expanded their anti-white racism even more. The previous few years of progress were wiped out with one bullet and a few words from powerful Democrats. For this reason alone, it is believed that there was a conspiracy and back room meetings with Democrats such as Al Gore Sr., to murder MLK Jr. Instead of relief and protests fighting towards true equality, we had a large majority of the blacks turn racist, and then pass along this hatred to their children. Crimes committed by blacks started to escalate from this point and in many major cities have continued to climb, year after year, a sort of extended long term anti-white protest.

The racial climate has gone from one of fighting for true equality where people of any age, race, background, or skin color can work towards their own destiny to succeed or fail; instead to one of preferential treatment based the color of their skin. Over the past 45 years since Martin Luther King Jrs death, there has been a continuing racial undertone that had been slowly disappearing, but not until 2008 when the first man with skin darker than all previous presidents did the issues of anti-white racism really go from the quiet whispers of the back rooms (and not so quiet streets of ghettos), to the cautious entry into the daylight. As Obamas obvious Muslim background and support spoke loud enough to tell the sheep not to stereotype all Muslims as terrorists (despite a majority of them being a part of terrorist-like activities at some point in their life), then his anti-American comments caught on mic this 4th of July 2013 (see my post from that timeframe), it becomes plain to see where he really wants to lead this country, and the racist “black sheep” are following suit. Even in my smaller city of 20,000, we the people have seen a large percentage of blacks go from quiet racist condescension (throwing random looks of disgust towards white people) to brazen thugs, believing they can do whatever they want outside of the law, and then proclaim racism when they are arrested for breaking the law.  This is the exact route that the liberals want: to escalate blacks towards the level of an untouchable (criminal) royalty, living off the system in a dangerous form of preferential treatment, all paid for by working white people. Denying them this preferential treatment gets you labeled as a bigot, racist and any number of other derogatory terms. Adding in the racist voices from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton is not only pouring gasoline on the fire, it is adding more wood, diesel, and everything else they can burn just to get their end result.

So here we have a nation where blacks are attacking, injuring and killing white people every day and next to nothing is being done to quell this modern race war, and is completely ignored by the media. On occasion I watch news broadcasts from major cities and every time they report on these attacks, they describe the black attacker as (for example) “male in his mid 20s”, yet never mention his race. Turn the tables though and a white person defends himself or even a criminal white person does something, they always describe them as (for example) “white male in his mid 20s”, as if they are trying to ensure every crime a white person does is highlighted, yet crimes by black people are not. Almost every story seen these days as soon as any person of any other skin color defends themselves and injures or kills the (black) attacker, these racists go berserk and start spouting off whatever they can to expand their progression towards untouchable criminal royalty.

Playing this race card has even gone so far as causing a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask to get fired,  ONLY for the simple act of using a “racist” Obama mask. Yet for the past 2 centuries presidents have been ridiculed in so many ways, and before 2008, very few of these acts have caused people to lose their jobs or be thrown in jail as it entirely fell under Freedom of Speech. Today, Freedom of Speech only applies so long as you are not speaking bad about, making fun of or ridiculing Obama, if you do you are automatically titled as racist and these liberals and black sheep claim you no longer have Freedom of Speech, and really if it was up to them, you should be jailed for years just for saying the words or doing whatever it was you did (even if 100% legal).

Looking at some polls (biased & unbiased) geared towards racism, we start to see the numbers fall into place and support every comment here. In July 2013, the left leaning Rasmussen Reports polled 1000 adults and found that more people view blacks as racist over any other group. Gallup had a regular poll which magically stopped in 2008 (gee guess why) and only started back up after the Zimmerman trial concluded this year. They asked if people thought the justice system was racist against blacks: 68% of blacks said yes they are compared to only 25% of whites thinking they are. When asked about the Zimmerman verdict, over 85% of blacks said the verdict was wrong, whereas only 30% of whites, and 51% of Hispanics agreed. On this same site they have plenty of stories showing that blacks are treated more equal in this country than ever, yet still this anti-white racial divide expands.

So using even that very conservative 85% number, essentially calling all those who said the verdict was wrong as racist:

  • 2012 estimated population for the US: 313,914,040
  • 63.0% of those are white = 197,765,845
  • 13.1% are black = 41,122,739

So then the racism numbers:

  • 85% of blacks = 34,954,328 are likely racist

Again, using that 85% is very likely a very conservative number, which is expected to actually be much higher, possibly closer to 95%. Now compare this to an estimated 72 million registered Democrats, well lets take out the illegally registered (convicts, dead, pets, etc) and set it at 62 million. Now look at voting by race and we see an estimated 38 million blacks as registered Democrats and we start to see the big picture.

Democrat, taken from Democratic, which is essentially the process by which people vote themselves whatever they want, and wee see a system where blacks vote themselves their lives and benefits for free, and then the talking head blame whites for the failing economy.

In the end, we need someone like MLK Jr again to reset race relations and get things back on track to true equality, and not this bogus preferential treatment. We need to ban any group based only on race (NAACP, KKK), and ban any benefit or extras that is given to a person based on the color of their skin (college scholarships, race quotas within companies, extra welfare and health benefits for blacks, and so on). It is time we are all seen as equal Americans, not whites and blacks and hispanics. You can be sure any person, group or company who continues to describe someone as white or hispanic, yet refuses to describe someone as black is most definitely a racist, or at least extending the racist divide.