Today we have a nation that is polarized as ever. The left wants all guns banned to “save the kids” while simultaneously killing unborn kids via attempted expansion of abortion programs. The REAL right wants this nation to get back to its basis of Constitutional Republic with freedom by the people and states, with 90% of the government shut down as unnecessary departments. Then there is the RINOs (Republican in name only) who claim they support their voters, but turn around collecting millions for special interests and big corporations in order to pass the next bill that greatly benefits the corporation.

Let me start by saying this is an overall view, and by no means is pointed at all people, nor all people of any specific skin color. There are good people and bad people of all skin colors.

Now we have to examine the issue of people’s skin color. This gets a little tricky, as Obama who is half white, is still deemed a black man, yet Geroge Zimmerman who is half latino and half white (some sources even say 25% white, 25% black), is claimed to be white. CNN even went as far as to say “white latino”, so does that mean Obama is a white black? Or a black white?

This nation has had a rich history of people from all lands entering in order to gain their freedom. Early on, Italians fought with French, British fought with Irish, and free blacks fought against everyone, even if they weren’t attacked. Then as time passed, people settled down and realized that we are all Americans, regardless of skin color. Multiple civil rights acts freed slaves, allowed women to vote, and gave minorities equal rights to everyone else.Yet everything changed in the past 30-40 years. To see how we really got here, lets look at a few key points in history:

  • Long before “white” man had met “black” man, blacks already had a system of slavery and trade going throughout Africa. During any battle with a neighboring tribe, any enemy tribe men caught alive were immediately enslaved.
  • Even after white man had come along by land or sea, this black on black slavery continued, and they saw new trade opportunities with the white man.
  • The FIRST person to own slaves in the new world colonies was a black man by the name of Anthony Johnson.
  • In the early colonial days, people of all races were slaves including whites, blacks, asians that had traveled all the way from the Orient were captured and forced into slavery, indians (aka Native Americans) and latinos.
  • As the colonies expanded, slave owning people (which did include other blacks), continued to move west and put the slaves to work, and early laws were passed that whites could no longer be kept as slaves
  • As the conservative North started phasing out slavery, the liberal south continued to expand its slave trade to include more expensive imports such as Indians from India, Asians and South/Central American Latinos.
  • In 1861, the liberal south attempted to use the states rights clause of the Constitution to secede from the union in order to form their own Democracy that would allow the states to decide on the slavery issue.
  • In 1865, with the south defeated, liberal Democrats found the KKK to continue the fight against the abolition of slavery.
  • In 1870, Hiram Rhodes Revels, the first African American to serve, was elected by the Mississippi State Senate.
  • Blacks enjoyed their freedom to a certain extent until the 1880s when Jim Crow laws were put in place which set restrictions on voters and required documentation of residency and birth and so on.
  • The battle continued on until the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which gave blacks the same equal freedom and everyone else in this nation. Even then voting on the bill still fell along party lines. 27% of Senate Democrats voted against it, yet less than 6% of Senate Republicans voted against it. In the House, 22% of Democrats voted against and only 18% of Republicans voted against it. All this despite Democrats having a super majority in both sides of Congress.

At this point, every citizen in the US of any skin color, gender or background had equal rights, and people like Martin Luther King, Jr. continued on to ensure these equal rights extended to fair housing and other areas where discrimination continued. By this time it was actually only a very small percentage of “whites” who were still racist, and even a lot of blacks were calming down as they finally got their true equality. There were still small battles to fight but the main war had been won.  In a perfect world, the story should end here as minorities now had equal rights, but it doesn’t. In 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and killed by at least 2 white men. James Earl Ray came from a strong Irish background, racist against anyone not Irish, but had especially strong against blacks. Unclassified paperwork had shown that he was a strong supporter of “white southern Democrats.”

Throughout the last 20 years, I have had the opportunity to talk with elderly people of all races. One big thing has struck me as extremely odd, was that non-black people are easy to forgive and forget, blacks almost exclusively have an extremely difficult time forgiving anyone for anything, and several elderly blacks even admitted this of their own volition. Most blacks alive when the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed, went from feeling relief and able to relax some, to the point where MLK Jr was shot, were suddenly thrust back into an atmosphere of distrust and hatred toward all white people, even though many of them knew that you can’t blame all white people for the action of a few, the resentment still stuck.

One saying that fails in this case, is “time heals all wounds”. In this case it opened it up and made it massively worse. What I mean by this is the kids at that time or born to parents of these resentment laden blacks… These kids went from the minority generation that should have enjoyed the greatest amount of freedom blacks had ever enjoyed and on the path to an equal and integrated society; to the minority generation that was never happy with anything they got, and denying them anything meant you were a racist. Now these children have their own children and grandchildren, and the feelings from those days have gone through the magnifying lens to the point where simple resentment has gotten to the extreme we see today where a majority of blacks are racist, a majority of whites are not racist, yet any mention of a black person in any context good or bad by a non-black is deemed racist, even if skin color was never mentioned. We have a large portion of this nation that dislikes Obama because of his scandals, where he stands on the issue, what he wants to do to this nation, yet as far as most of these blacks are concerned, disliking Obama is equal to being racist.

Today we have a young generation like the “star witness” of the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial Rachel Jeantel, where her claims of “cracker” (or said like “cracka”) is not racist, “ni**a” is not racist if said by a black person, and the unsaid feeling that black people should be able to run free of the law as if this was an anarchy with no laws, but only for blacks. Denying that makes you racist.

Now again, back to our history; 3 to 5 generations ago people were racist based on their homeland, for example where Brits and Irish fought and spouted off racist terms towards the other, even though they essentially had the same skin color. Today the US is  massive mix of people from all walks of life, yet even today, some people still (wrongly) classify themselves based on the color of their skin. This is the exact point where the problem comes in. The author of this piece, known only as jollygiantsd, has a wholly German first, middle and last name, his father is 100% “German” (if there is such a thing) even though him, and both of his parents, and all 4 of of his grandparents were born within the US; and mother is 25% Cherokee with the same last 2-3 generations born in the US. So does that make me, the author, “German Cherokee American”? My wife has a Scottish and British heritage (despite 4 generations born in the US), does that make her Scottish British American? At that point, does that make our kids “German Cherokee Scottish British Americans” simply because 4-5 or more generations ago, we had family that came from these regions? So how is it proper for people of darker skin color to call themselves or be called “African American” despite not being born in Africa, their parents not born in Africa, their grandparents not born in Africa, and never actually being to Africa ever? The only real exception is the specific person: legal non-citizens can consider themselves Mexican, and if they have dual citizenship it is ok to call them and be called Mexican-American, because they were born in Mexico, they lived in Mexico, they came from Mexico. Yet if they have a child in the US, that child was born here, raised here, and is nothing other than an American. At some point f they move back to Mexico, they can consider themselves a Mexican, or Mexican American, but until then they are American.

It is fine to celebrate your lineage, but that is something to be done in private and with your family, not flaunted around in public and demand others recognize it. In the end what it all boils down to: if you are a legal citizen by birth or naturalization, you stop being whatever-hyphenated-American, and become, quite simply an American.

Racial tensions will continue until the day that people of ALL skin colors in this nation realize that their skin color does not define who they are, it is their life, their actions, their contribution to society no matter how small or great that defines who you are. These protestors “supporting” Treyvon Martin are racist, and their actions show that THEY base their life on the color of their skin, and the wrongs committed long before their great grandparents were around. They attempt to use race and “white guilt” to con people into giving them their entire lives for free as if they were royalty and deserve it.  What makes it worse is the racist in the White House who is propagating and helping to feed into this race baiting and white guilt. He has said himself that people like him when he plays the “white” black man, which is the side that most of America and the world sees, yet blacks see past that down to the real racist black man he is, and use that empowerment to continue to fight for their self proclaimed status as royalty, only because of the color of their skin.

We are Americans, we have skin colors of all shades, and we are sick and tired of being defined by the color of our skin. If race continues to be used as a tool towards an unequal end, we will fight back, side by side, a sea of different shades of skin, standing against the modern day racism perpetuated by the man (illegally)  in the White House, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat group known as the KKK and any other group or person that continues to define even a single person based solely on the color of their skin. We are Americans, and we will not stand back much longer.

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