Gun control is people control

Today on the 17th of April 2013, we saw our Senators stand up and follow the will and want of the majority of our population. They voted against every single Amendment to the gun control bill, and hopefully when the final bill reaches the floor for the vote, it is shot down as well.

The whole issue behind this new interest by the left about gun control boils down to not the guns, but controlling the people. We already have plenty of illegal laws that ban all sorts of guns and ammo despite the 2nd Amendment not placing any limitation on which arms the citizens can keep and bear. If the left had their way, the only legal gun would be BB/pellet guns and .22 pistols limited to one shot, no clips/magazines.

After the Senate votes, Obama went on TV and whined like a crybaby about how the “will of the people” and “common sense” had gone by the way side. Being completely out of touch with the majority of American citizens, he proceeded to quote a small scale liberal based CNN poll claiming 90% of Americans want gun control. Here in reality land, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We need enforcement of the laws we have today, not only when it relates to guns but to immigration and everything else. What good is 5000 laws about anything when they are not enforced, or selectively enforced. We have already seen Obama advise his cronies to not enforce current immigration laws, and now he wants to start small scale by expending the gun control against legal gun owners. The common sense here in reality land of the free is that criminals do not follow laws anyways, so they will not try to purchase or obtain a weapon legally, they will obtain them illegally. Criminals will not submit to a background check no matter how lax or expansive it is, they will illegally buy or steal a gun. Here we see Obamas previous home of Chicago with some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, yet every day more people die at the hands of criminals. More laws will not protect people when criminals don’t follow the laws we have, much less more laws.

Find ways of enforcing the laws we have today to get guns out of the hands of criminals, or at least allow the people to defend themselves by reducing the level of control on legally acquiring a gun. They fail to see the truth behind the real stats that show hundred of thousands of lives are saved every year by legal gun owners. Cities and locales that have mandated that at least the owner of the house, or primary occupant have a legally purchased gun in the house with appropriate amount of ammo, has shown that crime rates severely drop into the single digits. Locations that have expansive gun bans continue to see ever increasing crime rates across the board since criminals prefer unarmed victims. Violent crimes committed by legal gun owners with guns obtained legally has been in the single digits PER YEAR for the entire history of this nation. The number of people killed with these so called “assault weapons” or guns with “high capacity magazines” as quoted by Feinstein is less than 300 per year, and NONE of them by the original owner or legal purchaser. As a matter of fact, more people are injured or killed every year by “assault baseball bats” than are injured or killed by guns every 3 years.

We have become a society where gun owners hide while the brave few that continue to legally carry end up falsely arrested like Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham for “rudely displaying his AR-15”. Obama and his ilk are further dividing this nation, between the gun owners slowly going underground and the vocal minority that want to turn this nation into a Communist nation with King Obama at the helm. They would prefer a nation with all equal in slavery and poverty than the Constitutional Republic with free market capitalism as we had 100 years ago.  Since then our rights and our rightfully earned money has continued to be removed from our pockets, while the lazy and uneducated get benefits to continue to stay that way, living off a system that gives them their lives for free.

Check the votes on these Amendments and Bills by your local Senators and when they come up for re-election, spread the word that they either supported control and need to be voted out, or voted against gun control and need to continue supporting the people. Unfortunately my local Senator, D-Nelson (FL) was helped along by the illegal absentee fraud votes that helped Obama win Florida, and helped Nelson continue his perversion of the oath of office to support and uphold the Constitution.

If we don’t make a stand today, there will be no tomorrow.

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