Truth behind Obama and his plans

Look at where Obama comes from, and how he bases all of his decisions, which he admits in his book among other places: anti-colonialism (as coined by Dinesh D’Souza). Obama sees the US as the new colonials, he was taught that America with its free enterprise, republic based, God-worshipping system is the enemy of the people. The people cannot be trusted to make decisions for themselves as that negatively impacts everyones else’s chance at a happy and fulfilled life, so the government must mandate as many aspects of people’s lives as possible.
The REALLY scary part is that gun bans of all types is coming, then projected confiscation of guns from the American people. Now that he is re-elected, the Obama administration is actively engaged in negotiations to finalize details for a new global agreement premised to fight “terrorism”, “insurgency” and “international crime syndicates” with the U.N Arms Trade Treaty, which just another fancy way of saying limiting the number and type of guns able to be owned by all populations around the world (civil and not). Foreign ministers of the U.K., France, Germany and Sweden want the treaty to cover all types of conventional weapons, notably including small arms and light weapons, all types of munitions, and related technologies. If enacted, he is essentially bypassing the 2nd amendment by placing us under UN law.

Another step Obama is taking is in nuke reduction… but the problem is he is only cutting nukes held by the US, current projection is down to 1500 (from 3000) but his ultimate plan is down to 300 or less, meanwhile other countries continue to hold on to their 300+, and Russia their 1500+, as well as doing nothing to stop Iran from stocking up on them.
Then he will allow the middle east to join under the extremism (from Morrocco to Iran under a “United States of Islam”) and allow them to steamroll Israel (as in mass murders and nearly wiping out the Jewish), but he is too blinded to see they will not stop at Israel. The rest of Africa and Europe is next, then the US (which brings in nukes from Iran).

In order to stop this “colonialism” and stop any company or person from profiting at all in the US (he thinks American profit is due to stripping countries of advances, materials and money like his homeland of Kenya). He understands the best way to kill American profits is massively expand regulations making it impossible to continue doing business (like coal is doing now), have the government spend money they do not have until the economy collapses, putting the US economy and people on par with many third world nations. Why did he block the Keystone pipeline and continues to block new or current drilling in US waters, despite sending billions of our money to other countries to help expand their drilling? Anti-colonialism, redistribution of our money to other people to expand their wealth. Socialist Brazil got billions, Venezuela (under communist Chavez) got millions, several socialist evil regimes in Central America got millions each…?? Why is he allowing the UN to take over waters beyond the 200 mile mark from the Us coast, thus opening up international drilling anywhere off our coasts without the safety or regulations present with our companies (aka massive oil spills making american coastlines uninhabitable for centuries)? All in the name of “leveling the playing field” so other countries can compete with the US on the world markets. what he fails to see is WHEN the US economy collapses, other countries will no longer have the backing of American money to fund anything outside of their own borders.

Look at his mentors:

  • Frank Marshal Davis: known terrorist member of the communist Party USA. Has long advocated white slavery as punishment.
  • Bill Ayers, known terrorist bombing multiple government buildings and was quoted on 9/11/01 saying “I am glad the US got hit and I do not regret those bombs I placed” (paraphrased).
  • Rev. Wright, advocates race riots in order for all black people to be given their lives for free meaning money given to them from white people and the government, simply because they are black; they shouldn’t have to work for anything except when their welfare and entitlements are cut.
  • Another was the late Harvard Professor Saul Alinsky wrote that the key to weaken — then take over America, its economy and its people — is to “destroy the middle class.” Alinsky advocated use of class and race warfare. He believed that “wealth redistribution,” taking from those who work and giving it to those who don’t, is the catalyst to bring down the U.S. economy and free-market capitalism. After four years in office, Obama is well on his way to doing just that. Alinsky’s game plan was to lie, cheat and *steal elections* in order to control the American people and bring American commerce to its knees. It is Alinsky’s strategy that Barack Obama wrote on a blackboard and can be seen teaching to ACORN members during his days as a Chicago Community Organizer.
  • One of Obama’s founding fathers who remains relatively unknown is the Palestinian radical Edward Said. Prior to his death in 2003, Said was the leading anti-colonial thinker in the United States. Obama studied with Said at Columbia University and the two maintained a relationship over the next two decades. Obama attended a Palestinian fundraiser in Chicago in 1998 in which Said was the featured speaker, and Obama also befriended Said’s protege Rashid Khalidi, who currently occupies the Edward Said chair of Arab Studies at Columbia. Said wasn’t a mere academic; for a time, he served as a member of the Palestine National Council. In this capacity he worked closely with Yasser Arafat. Said has been photographed throwing rocks at Israel to symbolize his support for armed resistance against the Jewish state; one Jewish magazine dubbed him a “Professor of Terror.” While Said was hired by Columbia to teach literature, his main interests were always political. We see this in the titles of his books: Culture and ImperialismThe Question of Palestine, and The Politics of Dispossession. He was a vehement critic of the United State and an even-more-vehement critic of Israel. America, Said argued, is a genocidal power with a “history of reducing whole peoples, countries, and even continents to ruin by nothing short of holocaust.”
  • If Said were advising Obama, he might recommend that Obama pressure Israel to grant a right of return with full voting rights to Palestinian refugees. If that happens, then in relatively short order the Muslims would outnumber the Jews. At that point, Israel as we have known it since 1948 as a Jewish state would cease to exist, and we would see measures in place much worse than the Holocaust.

These are the people who taught and mentored Obama, so is it any wonder that Obama wants to destroy the very foundation of this nation, that was and still is in a way anti-colonial?

Obamas father wrote in a Communist journal, and Obama seems to be following suit: “Theoretically, there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income,” Mr. Obama (Sr.) wrote, “so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed.” In the view of Barack Hussein Obama Sr., the right of the individual person to freely work, earn, and invest, meant nothing. All that mattered was the “collective good” of the nation. And if confiscating certain people’s hard-earned money could help benefit “everyone,” then so be it. That wealth would be put to better use, Mr. Obama argued, if it were controlled by the leader of the government.

Given this bit of President Obama’s familial history, it is not surprising that throughout his public life he himself has advocated for many of the same ideas that his father did over half a century ago. During the last presidential election cycle, alone, then-Senator Obama pushed for higher income taxes on “the rich” and higher business taxes on “excess profits” (his definition of “rich” and “excessive” changed almost weekly during the campaign but the tipping point seemed to be $250,000 per year); higher taxes on energy companies (in some cases through expansive regulations on “dirty” power sources like coal); government-imposed limits on private corporate salaries; and – his father would be so proud – higher taxes on dividend earnings. He even suggested at one point that the U.S. government should start taxing capital – not a new tax on interest or dividends derived from investment capital, but a tax on money sitting in banks doing nothing. in the end this is not double taxation, this is being taxed 20 times for 98% of our money, which will then be distributed among the population as the government sees fit (after they take a nice big cut for themselves).


Unless WE THE PEOPLE stand up and call for impeachment and removal of this illegal and traitorous person from our government, by the next election, we will all be too poor and weak to feed ourselves much less fight for anything.I would hate to see it come to this but we may be on the verge of the second Civil War.