Rehashing the need for spending cuts

If we are going to cut taxes AND spending, that means many existing government programs will need to be massively altered and trimmed.

The First would be Welfare, Medicare and ANY other government benefit:

1) REQUIRED drug testing to ALL applicants over the age of 16 (unless the parent is under this age) for all state/federal benefits of any kind. First test failure requires a retest within 14 business days. Second failure exempts that person from receiving any benefits for minimum 6 months, any hard drugs like Cocaine, crack, meth, etc exempts them for minimum 1 year. Florida is attempting to pass legislation like this right now but it is stalling due to Democrat opposition and the ACLU getting involved.

a) All people living in the house is required to test (exemption being unrelated short term *less than 6 months* roommates), this ensures that drugs and bad influences are not being brought into the house or others in the house are negatively impacted by drugs that have children or beneficiaries present.

b) If father/ex-spouse is required to pay child support and/or has any sort of contact with the child, they are required to test even if they do not live in the same residence. This ensures the other parents that may have only visitation rights or partial custody are not under the influence of drugs.

2) REQUIRED minimum hours working, at least 25 hours per week, for minimum 40 weeks per year for ANY benefits. For the single parents, plenty of child care centers can be opened which can help employ many of these same single parents in exchange for their child to attend for free or greatly reduced costs. The only exception would be parent or child that is deemed more than 40% disabled, verified by minimum 2 certified specialists in the field of the disability. The disability has to be a real disability, not these fake illnesses like ADD, ADHD, obesity, etc…

Then take on the already broken Social Security system which I will not see a dime of:

3) Social Security must be restructured so it is like a private bank, the money you pay goes into a secured bank account that only you can touch in the events of disability or retirement. Otherwise NO ONE but you can touch that money and it is removed from being used for the governments general fund and wasted by the government. After 10 years, you can borrow against it up to 5%, but with interest that is all paid back to the bank itself: they need to pay the administrative fees and reduce the taxes we pay, so those that borrow essentially pay for the service in short term, although everyone pays in the long term. So if you borrow, you actually benefit yourself by reducing the taxes paid. This helps reduce the number of social security scam artists that get a corrupt doctor to help them claim disability; this gets the government away from our money and bankrupting the system; everyone only receives the money that they have paid into the system.

Then lets bring up racism… and by this I mean racism against whites that seems to be perfectly fine, since they are the least likely to get any sort of assistance based on currently available programs:

4) ANY and ALL programs, benefits, scholarships, or financial related benefits that are designed to benefit any one specific group based on RACE, SEX or any other personal feature must be stopped and made illegal. This is the 21st century, we are Americans. If there is a low income benefit, fine. If there is a scholarship to benefit people in low income areas, that is fine.

It is when you segregate and benefit specific races that helps ensure that one group has a better chance at succeeding over another. Equality means race is not an issue and race related benefits must be made illegal. Some low income areas that receive benefits may be mostly black, but targeting them and only giving those benefits to the poor black, cause the poor white to suffer is more dangerous then the very atrocities that all the races have had to deal with in the past.

Than State rights:

5) Clear and specific language stating that states rights supersede Federal rights, with no chance of Judges or the courts to force Federal law to overtake state laws. This allows states to pass laws specific to their region. Arizona can pass whatever immigration laws they want without having the federal government stepping in and telling them what they can and cannot do. California can pass (by majority vote I might add) laws stating that legal marriage is between one man and one women, without having some special interest (gay) federal judge illegally legislating from the bench, essentially one man overturning the votes of millions of people.

While we are on budget cuts:

6) Sell off the US Postal Service to one or more private companies such as UPS, FedEx, DHL or whoever, including all vehicles, post office buildings, land and distribution centers and so on. This service has had almost 300 years to get it right, its time to privatize it with key regulations in place.

7) Make Jan 1, 2013 the New Tax Structure day, where the entire tax code is scrapped and a flat tax implemented across the board. With proper government spending cuts including shrinking the existing Federal Government by 60%, a very realistic 8% flat tax should suffice for this country’s needs.

8) Either add to the existing budget or create a new entry for the US Constitution that states:

Federal debt must never exceed more than 2% of GDP. As of mid 2011, the number is exceeding 11%, the highest since the Great Depression. Even under GW’s cut and spend problems, they still never saw much above 3% until the Democrats took office in late 2007, when it went from 1.14% to 3.18% within a matter of months, to 10.01% for 2009, down a little to 8.82% for 2010, and now in mid 2011 over 11%.

I am sure there will be more as time comes along but these are the main points that the current Republican majority House and almost equally balanced Senate must pass now before Obama and the socialist liberals try to take over again in 2012, just like they did in 1950 and cause a stagnant economy that lasted over a decade and did not recover until the 60s when the Republicans took the majority once again. Of course the Democrats reversed that in the late 60s and early 70s causing another recessionary period including their influence and participation in the oil crisis.