Liberalism is beauty - according to the media

Plastered all over todays photo op sections of the major news media outlets are photos of The Obama family, and more specifically Michelle Obama and her “simply stunning fashion“. They go on to proclaim about how her beauty rivals that of the British prime minister’s wife, Samantha Cameron and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton with their fashionista styles and beauty. Typical media hypocrisy as well as a blind eye to real beauty!

The main problem here is that Michelle literally looks like one of Michael Vick’s pit bulls with the attitude to match.  Yet as easy as it is for the media to forget the past, when there was someone of real beauty that spent a small chunk of money on their classy and beautiful outfits that had real purpose, because they were of a conservative leaning, she was blasted for it, ignoring the purpose, fashion and beauty.

There we had the beautiful Sarah Palin that spent a little bit of money on purposeful outfits using a mix of her campaign and personal money, yet because of her stance in the political arena, she was made out as some sort of wasteful government puppet of the right that will not serve the people if she is elected simply because of the cost of her wardrobe. If we look at some of her recent appearances, she is still wearing some of the same outfits that were purchased a few years ago. When, if ever, do we expect to see Michelle wearing ANY of the dresses seen during this European trip again?

Fast forward a few years and here we have Michelle spending almost as much on a few outfits that Palin did for her entire reported wardrobe spending spree (which included makeup, makeup people and staff), yet there is no official mention of how much more of our taxpayer money was spent on Michelle’s traveling outfits for this ONE trip, not to mention how much the rest of the trip, flights, travel, security and everything else being spent on this Obama trip. Don’t forget to add in the cost of how these women like Obama typically have some outfits flown in just for the purpose of wearing them once.  Thousands spent on a single dress, thousands spent on a flight which has one purpose of flying in said dress(es)…. Hypocritical Obamas on display for sure.

One source points to this trip costing in the range of £10m (approx. US$16.5 Million) and will most likely cost much more once everything is added up if you add in the several hundred thousand on Michelle’s wardrobe and wasteful expenditures.  Here we see Michelle wearing $5,000 outfits while Kate Middleton is wearing outfits that cost around $340 retail. A stark contrast when you see just how the media is handling this. Not to mention the foreign media having a feast on how Americans need to spend mass amounts of money on designer dresses to appear beautiful, while Europeans can do so with cost effective and retail available outfits. I see it as trying to put a dress on a pit bull versus the already beautiful European women looking good in almost anything whether it cost $20, $340 or $5,000.

So remember when reading these news stories:

Ultra liberal Michelle Obama spends (aka wastes) loads of our taxpayer money on a few outfits and she is beautiful;

Moderate conservative Palin spends a little bit of our money on entire wardrobes, makeup, makeup people and not only is her beauty ignored, she is blasted for the cost.