Alex Sink (D-FL) spreads more lies

Election time always has me more annoyed than usual. One thing that I have noticed is the tone of the ads used for the months preceding the election.  Some candidates run nothing but attack ads, some avoid the crap and just states what their plans are, no matter how far fetched.

One candidate that has had me close to the annoyance boiling point has been Alex Sink, running for the governor of Florida. Rather than actually step up and say what she is planning to do, she has been running nothing but attack ads against Rick Scott. Claims about the IRS investigating fraudulent use of the Republican Party credit card for personal expenditures. Yet any search online, shows that there is no public record of such, and the only mentions are all liberal media sheep that are taking Alex Sink’s word for it and running it as if it were a factual story. This gives Sink more fodder today because now she can quote those newspapers as sources for her attacks, rather than actual court records, IRS filing or any factual evidence. Yet of ALL of her publicly seen and heard advertisements, NONE of them actually step up and say what she wants to do, plans to do or how she is going to do anything, she just complains about how Rick Scott is painting her as an Obama Liberal (which of course she is).

Yet if you look at Rick Scott supporting advertisements, he says clearly, he has plans to bring back several hundred thousand jobs to Florida, lower property taxes and similar claims.  He backs up the opinions about Sink showing she has been the state treasurer, and as such she has been a part of the state losing some 800,000 jobs, she has voted and been in favor of Obama’s healthcare plan, and stated the way to increase tax rolls for the state is to increase taxes, instead of cutting spending.

Rick Scott could step up and bring up her past as the former president of Florida Operations at Bank of America where she took an active and visible role in buying out small local banks and shutting them down causing tens of thousands of jobs to be lost. She is a multi-millionaire who was a banker for 26 years and has made millions in stock investments. In 2000 as the head of Bank of America’s Florida operations, she made $3.4 million from the bank in salary, pension, deferred compensation and stock grants. During the 2006 campaign, she listed her net worth as $10 million.

When Alex Sink became Florida’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the top financial watchdog, “she put her assets in a blind trust, which she said would help her avoid conflicts of interest…since she owned stock in Bank of America, which receives millions in banking, bond and investment fees from Florida every year.” She had investments in other companies and had served on the board of the brokerage firm Raymond James Financial, which “had a stake in her decisions.”  With Sink’s “blind” trust, the only one who ends up blind is the public. Blind trusts are not regulated in Florida and do not require Sink to disclose the specific investments in her blind trust.

Big money, more job losses, special interests in the banking industry… Step up and vote Rick Scott, no one else has the brains to set Florida straight.