Water Cooler 02/13/19 Open Thread; My Valentine

I Love The Greens And Given Recent Events It’s Only Fitting That I Celebrate Them On Valentines.

I have loved the Greens going back to the first Earthday when the fears du jour were an impending ice age, a population explosion that would have us eating each other by the year 2000, and even if we could get food we would have been reduced to roving bands fighting each other for the few resources that hadn’t been ripped from the planet. How is it possible not to love people who can do such comedy ?Alas my love is usually unrequited (May not be a bad thing since bathing can be off the table for them). But still I persist their comedy is just irresistible. So with them once again taking the national stage and providing us with such joyous how can I not pen a love letter to them on Valentines Day ?

Sweet sweet and ever so angry Amy Klobuchar, how wonderful you are to not only pursue political comedy but you went the extra distance and did physical comedy. Not many a politician is willing to place themselves on a level with Carrot Top and Gallagher but you did.

Klobuchar delivered her speech at a snowy outdoor rally along the Mississippi riverfront in Minneapolis, using the backdrop to make her pitch to voters why her roots make her a better candidate than other contenders who hail from the East and West coasts.

Washington Examiner

Comedy of this order did not go unnoticed

Like all good comics though she was able to work with her audience

“I’m sorry if it still snows in the world, but the point is that we know climate change is happening.”

It seems even mother nature wanted to have in on the laughter and we now have blizzards in Colorado and California that are ensuring that skiers will be able to enjoy their sport well into July this year.

Back-to-back storms slamming California have dumped impressive amounts of snow in the Sierra Nevada since the start of the year, pushing snowfall levels to above historic averages.

As of Feb. 13, the snowpack water equivalents measured 130 percent above normal. In the Central Sierra, where Mammoth is located, the average was even higher at 134 percent.


While Ms. Klobuchar put the hearts in my eyes with her performance art and incredible individual effort, she could not hope to outdo the community of global glitterati that descended on Davos to discuss how to deal with Global Warming and move to cleaner energy

Despite global warming being one of the major issues discussed at Davos every year, some 1,500 private jets are expected this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, according to an estimate from Air Charter Service, up from 1,300 last year. “We have had bookings from as far as our operations in Hong Kong, India and the US,” Andy Christie, private jets director at ACS, said in a statement. “No other event has the same global appeal.”

“There appears to be a trend towards larger aircraft, with expensive heavy jets the aircraft of choice,” Christie said. “This is at least in part due to some of the long distances traveled, but also possibly due to business rivals not wanting to be seen to be outdone by one another.” Over the past five years, most private jets have come from or are going to Germany, France, the UK, the US, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, he added.

—NY Post

I mean how can you not love these people’s je ne se quois, their incredible allegiance to style that commands them to save the planet but still not be one upped by traveling  in a poor person’s luxury jet. My eyes grow wide and my heart goes pitter pat for them.

An honorable mention goes to the experts who appeared before congress this week to speak on why Air Travel must be reduced to save the planet.

Cheney asked the expert panel, comprised of four Democrat and two Republican witnesses, to state how they each arrived in Washington D.C., for the hearing. Four of the six witnesses stated that they traveled by airplane, the very means of transportation they hope to diminish.

– The Daily Caller

Unfortunately while these are all wonderful my heart has truly been captured by the greatest comic to ever present themselves in the green cause. Yes Ms. Occasio Cortez you are the tippy top of the pack, the apple of my eye. Your “Green New Deal”, has captured my heart.

I am sure you are all familiar with how she has spared no effort to make us all clutch our sides while laughing with her proposals to replace or retrofit every building in America,  get rid of every fossil fuel engine, and get rid of all air travel in the country, giving everyone tip top quality medical care, and a guaranteed income for life (Does she look a little like Huey Long ? have to wait till she starts talking about the velocity of money to know for sure).  All of this has made the country laugh like nothing else but a great comic truly knows no bounds and this is true of Sandy (I hope she doesn’t think I am being too familiar) as well.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s 2018 Campaign Spent $20,490 On Air Travel, $3,147 On Rail

   One stated goal of the Green New Deal Resolution championed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is to “remove pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector,” in part by increasing “investment in high-speed rail,” “public transit,” and “zero-emission vehicle infrastructure.” If the experience of Ocasio-Cortez’s own campaign for the House of Representatives last year is any indication, however, the transition would be a difficult one.
A review of disbursements by the Ocasio-Cortez 2018 campaign reveals a clear inclination to choose air travel over rail for long-distances and personal vehicles over public transit for local trips.
The true humor of this comes out when you realize her voters all reside in NYC (Brooklyn) and has access to what is widely regarded as the best public transportation system in the country, in particularly the NYC rail system. Just how did she manage to take a plane from one part of NYC to the other ?


That’s why I love her, dear Sandy will you be my Valentine ?


Stolen From Diamondback

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