FISA GATE Timeline Part 2 Pivot Russia

The Pivot From Hillary To Trump And Russia

July 2016

FBI Director James Comey Takes the unprecedented move of going on television to exonerate Hillary Clinton, still the subject of what should be an ongoing investigation. This is proven out in October when just before the election he has to inform congress that the investigation is being reopened because of the discovery of Emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Neither his spouse, Huma Abedin or Mr. Weiner were ever charged  with mishandling of classified documents. At this point Andrew McCabe is overseeing the investigation despite conflicts of interest with his wife receiving aid in her run for office from the Clinton campaign and associates.

Carter Page advisor to the Trump campaign,   Russia analyst and energy investment fund manager becomes the focus of FBI scrutiny after taking a trip to Moscow. The FBI requests a FISA warrant on Mr. Page and has the warrant denied. This is very significant because FISA in general is considered a rubber stamp for approving warrants much the way a prosecutor can get a grand jury to issue an indictment for just about anything. That the court turned down the warrant application should have given the FBI at least some pause.

Enter George Papadopulous, Mr. Papadopulous was recruited to the Trump campaign as a Russia/energy advisor. He apparently had a very minor role in the workings of campaign earning him the nickname “Coffee Boy”. While he may have been insignificant to the campaign, his drunk claims Russia had Hillary’s Emails  was a sufficient pretext to launch an intelligence investigation. Given the incredibly poor security that was used to safeguard Hillary’s email it’s surprising anyone doesn’t have them at this point.

October 2016

Nellie Ohr, wife of Bruce Ohr goes to work for Fusion GPS. Her position is described as “assisting in the cultivation of opposition research on Trump”. This is significant since she would later provide all her research to Mr. Ohr who would make it available as part of his job at the FBI. He would also feed the research to reporters as an FBI source, and in a manner that it would be picked up and used as part of the investigation.

Second attempt at gaining a FISA warrant for Carter Page succeeds, this time using information from the Dossier. Notably the source for the dossier is not described as the DNC or Hillary Campaign. In a footnote it’s described as a political source. Notably under court rules this had to be disclosed and the information vouchsafed as credible.

FBI Director Comey once again in an unprecedented move informs the public the Email investigation is on again.

November 2016

Hillary loses the election, her campaign creates the Russian interference story and begins to circulate it amongst the reporters they had been cultivating. As time goes by, Hillary would blame just about everyone for her loss, Russians, Bernie Sanders, Comey, her advisors, and America in general.

December 2016

Obama administration relaxes the rules for unmasking the names of American citizens. Devin Nunes Chairman of the intelligence committee would later claim the unmasking was focused on the Trump transition team, and also correspond with Obama officials attempting to gather as much information as possible prior to the inauguration.

January 2017

After Trump assumes office, either the White House begins leaking like a beat up sieve, reporters begin wholesale fabrication of news of some combination of the two. Notably executive branch employees begin using apps on their phones for encrypted messaging and self erasing messaging, possibly violating the terms of their employment and the federal records retention laws.

FBI Director Comey has meeting with President Trump. According to Comey, President Trump sought assurances of loyalty from him.

May 2017

Comey Fired as FBI director. Creates what should be classified memos, gives them to a friend to leak to the press in the hopes of forcing a special prosecutor. Personal note, I thought Comey should have been fired in January over the obvious irregularities in the Email investigation. It seems at best a stretch to say the president waited four months to fire him for the meeting in January.

Summary Pivot Russia

The FBI was not particularly if at all concerned about the legitimacy of the methods they used to investigate President Trump and his campaign. They relied on questionable sources and went to pains to disguise the fact.

They quite possibly were setting up the situation for a special prosecutor to be appointed even before Trump took office. It can be interpreted as a good “Insurance Policy”. As it stands it’s still insanely difficult to see what the supposed justification for the prosecutor is. The actions taking on the road to allowing the appointment are all significantly of greater concern than claimed cause of the appointement.