Forget the Alamo, Forget the Constitution, Forget the Declaration of Independence , Heck Forget Music and Poetry as well

Sad to say this news isn’t coming out of California but Texas this time around.

Dallas ISD is researching the histories of Ben Franklin, Sam Houston, Thomas Jefferson and 17 other historical figures, looking into whether their connections with slavery or the Confederacy should prompt reconsideration of their names on DISD campuses.

Full list of schools being considered for renaming

Sam Houston Elementary School 
Benjamin Franklin Middle School 
James Madison High School
Thomas Jefferson High School 
William B. Travis Elementary/Middle School

James Bowie Elementary School

Stephen C. Foster Elementary School
Sidney Lanier Elementary School
James S. Hogg Elementary School
 John Ireland Elementary School
David G. Burnet Elementary School
Roger Q. Mills Elementary School 
W. H. Gaston Middle School 
Wilmer-Hutchins High School 
John F. Peeler Elementary School 
John H. Reagan Elementary School 
Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary School 
Nancy J. Cochran Elementary School 
Kleberg Elementary School 
William Brown Miller Elementary School
Really Sam Houston, Ben Franklin, James Madison, Stephen Foster the father of American music ? ? This isn’t about hurt feelings, this our slow motion cultural revolution, where small ideological minorities are trying to assert dominance and establish their right to abuse positions of trust within the government. If you can wipe the names of Texas’s greatest heroes off its schools, remove those that laid the framework for our country and silence any who contributed to our arts, it’s validation that there is nothing that can or will be done to stop the ongoing eradication of American history.

How can this be happening in the first place and why isn’t there more outrage ? The simple explanation is that too many people don’t even know their history let alone embrace the history their country or state. Their state is just someplace they moved to take a job, and hope the housing market increases while they are there. The country just an entity that collects taxes at gunpoint and provides services with questionable efficiency. There is no understanding of the sacrifices that were made so they could live the lives they do, or just how close they have repeatedly come to having nothing.

Seeing as this is about history I’ll leave off with this from Thomas Paine who no doubt is in someone’s sights for unpersoning
Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value
How sad we value our history so lightly.
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