Water Cooler 8/3/17 Open Thread: Punish The Wicked; The Wages Of Stupidity ?; Who Knew ??


The Man Who Wants To Make You Care.

Meet the Megadonor Behind the LGBTQ Rights Movement
How Tim Gill turned a $500 million fortune into the nation’s most powerful force for LGBTQ rights
Gill, a software programmer who made a fortune in the 1990s, is not a household name – and that’s by design. The 63-year-old Coloradan rarely gives interviews and describes himself as pathologically anti-social and ill at ease with publicity. In the past three decades, Gill has methodically, often stealthily, poured $422 million of his fortune into the cause of equal rights for the LGBTQ community – more than any other person in America. Within the movement, he is praised as a visionary, a computer-nerd-turned-brilliant-strategist, the megadonor who coalesced a movement around the fight for marriage equality and then pushed onward to victory.

—Rolling Stone

If you wanted to know where the backing (You didn’t think this stuff was going without money behind it ?) for the LGBTQETCETC agenda was coming from now you have a very big chunk of it. What’s more you can see the driving force that “Wants to punish  wicked fundamentalist Christians”

In June, Rolling Stone reporter Andy Kroll did a profile on 63-year-old LGBT megadonor Tim Gill, who explained why the LGBT movement has targeted conservative Christians: “We’re going to punish the wicked.” When conservative and Christian outlets called Gill out on this rhetoric, Kroll responded claiming that the megadonor never intended to target Christians.         (Notice this is not Gill speaking but Kroll on his behalf)

But Kroll’s response fell short on numerous counts. It is true that the original profile never mentioned Christians, but it did mention “nondiscrimination” efforts, in the very same paragraph where “punish the wicked” appears.

Any conservative Christian familiar with recent court cases knows what this “nondiscrimination” effort means. It means punishing Washington state florist Barronelle Stutzman, Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein, Michigan farmers Steve and Bridget Tennes, Colorado baker Jack Philips (whose case will come before the Supreme Court), and many others.

What do all these people have in common? They are committed Christians, who, for reasons of faith, refused to extend their services to a same-sex wedding, despite their history of gladly serving LGBT people in other settings. Each of them were targeted for “discriminating” against gay people for their decision not to partake in a public event solemnizing something they believe to not be a marriage

In fact, Kroll revealed quite clearly that Gill’s line about “punishing the wicked” emphatically did apply to conservative Christians, despite his declaration that all such claims are “complete nonsense.”

In his response article, Kroll pointed out that Gill has used the phrase “punish the wicked” for years — in 2007 against Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), for example. “‘The wicked’ is anyone who stands in the way of progress on equal rights for LGBTQ people: politicians, activists, lawyers, some people of faith and plenty more with no religious affiliation whatsoever,” the Rolling Stone author explained (emphasis added).

—PJ Media

None of this should come as a surprise. It’s been hard to watch events unfolding and think “Wow what an amazing level of spontaneous organization going on”. “Isn’t it amazing how those court cases went down like dominoes ?”. What should come across as new is just how vindictive and how far they are willing to go. This is not a level of commitment that will accept anything but the complete corruption of society. The question now, with conservatism failing to prevent this what can be done to turn back the clock ?

Apparently SJW Activism doesn’t pay all that well

SJW activists at Sarah Lawrence are seeking payment for the emotional toil of their activism. Yes that is a real thing and no I am not making this up.

please pay J—– and K—- for their labor, preferably over 30$. The community is watching you and holding you accountable’

Students at Sarah Lawrence College, a posh, private liberal arts college in New York consistently ranked one of the most expensive colleges in the nation, recently called on peers and others to pay female campus activists for their “emotional labor.”

A Facebook post that went viral among the campus community listed 17 Venmo accounts belonging to Sarah Lawrence College students, most of whom were students of color.

It was posted once on March 26 on Facebook in honor of Women’s History Month, then reposted in April as students exchanged heated words on Facebook over a campus controversy.

“In honor of Women’s History Month, and the labor that women and femmes of color do for Sarah Lawrence every month of the year,” the post states, then lists the student Venmo accounts. Venmo is a payment service app. The post, which includes a brightly colored poster declaring “Give your $ to Women & Femmes of Color,” was inspired by the #GiveYourMoneyToWomen hashtag created by prominent feminists.

–The College Fix

A little background here, the article refers to Sarah Lawrence as a “Posh, Private College”, well posh in this instance means the most expensive school in the country with costs running $64,500 / year . Ouch hope mumsy and daddykins feel well rewarded by their investment in their offspring. Apparently the coursework doesn’t cover self respect, or at least basic business i.e. Negotiate the fee before doing the job and get a down payment.

Millennials Discover The Television Antenna

For a generation that watches so much television you would have thought they would come into the world understanding this.

Dan Sisco has discovered a technology that allows him to access half a dozen major TV channels, completely free. “I was just kind of surprised that this is technology that exists,” says Mr. Sisco, 28 years old. “It’s been awesome. It doesn’t log out and it doesn’t skip.”…The antenna is mounting a quiet comeback, propelled by a generation that never knew life before cable television, and who primarily watch Netflix , Hulu and HBO via the internet.

Carlos Villalobos, 21, who was selling tube-shaped digital antennas at a swap meet in San Diego recently, says customers often ask if his $20 to $25 products are legal. “They don’t trust me when I say that these are actually free local channels,” he says.

Earlier this year, he got an earful from a woman who didn’t get it. “She was mad,” he recalls. “She says, ‘No, you can’t live in America for free, what are you talking about?’”

—Mother Jones

There maybe an upside to this. If this generation has no idea what antennas are for, perhaps they can be convinced there is no need for the FCC ?

Quote of the Day

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know< yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

–Sun Tzu

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