After Record Year Trump Admitting Even More Refugees Than Before !!!!

Ohhh that would be Christian Refugees.

Christian refugees have outnumbered Muslim refugees entering the United States during President Donald Trump’s time at the White House, according to an analysis of State Department databy the Pew Research Center. 

During the period from Trump’s first full day in office on January 21 through June 30, about 9,598, or 50 percent, of all refugees arriving in the country self-identified as Christian. About 7,250, or 38 percent, were Muslim. Eleven percent of the arrivals were of other religions, including Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and other faiths. One percent had no religious affiliation.

—Huffington Post

So the administration is letting in people that are really really persecuted and desperately need a land that offers freedom of religion. But it’s still more right ?

Overall refugee admissions to the U.S. in fiscal 2017 (which ends Sept. 30) are on pace to fall below the 85,000-person ceiling established by the Obama administration for fiscal 2016, a year that saw 84,995 actual refugee arrivals. At the same time, arrivals for the current fiscal year are already nearing the new cap set by Trump in his executive order. As of June 30, the U.S. had already admitted 49,255 refugees. However, under the Supreme Court’s recent order, refugees with close family members in the U.S. may continue to enter the U.S. even after the new cap is reached.

–Pew Research

Hmmm maybe this is actually a good thing ?

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