If Green Energy Is So Great, Why Do We Have To Bribe People To Use It ?

We have been told repeatedly how great “Green Energy” is for our economy how it creates jobs and fuels economic growth.  Matter of fact the last administration touted what a boon it was ad nauseum.

President Obama is committed to ensuring that every American family can choose to go solar and to cut their energy bills – and that every American community has the tools they need to tackle local air pollution and global climate change.

Since President Obama took office, solar electricity generation has increased 30 fold and solar jobs are growing 12 times faster than the rest of the economy. Last year, we announced a set of actions to increase access to solar and create a more inclusive workforce, but there is still more work to do. That is why, today, the Obama Administration is announcing a new cross government partnership – the Clean Energy Savings For All Initiative – between the Departments of Energy (DOE), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Agriculture (USDA), Health and Human Services (HHS), Veteran’s Affairs (VA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase access to solar energy and promote energy efficiency across the United States and, in particular in low- and moderate- income communities.

White House Archives

Pulling out of the Paris Accords has been touted as “Killing The Planet”. Well if this is so great why does the rest of the world want none of it and won’t even consider it unless they are bribed heavily to go along with it ?

Developing nations in Paris climate accord threaten to keep polluting unless they’re paid

Peru says it can cut emissions by 30 percent by 2030 compared with its “business as usual” projections, though that would be a net pollution increase of 22 percent and is contingent on billions of dollars in funding.India, Iran, South Sudan, Niger, the Central African Republic, Cuba, Egypt, Paraguay and a host of other countries have similar demands: Pay up, or else they will have to keep polluting.

–Washington Examiner

Is this a scene from Blazing Sadles ? Pay up or we’ll shoot ourselves and destroy our economies in the process ? After all if this Green Energy were so great and making everyone’s lives better people would be clubbing each other to be first in line to get in on it. In the real world for some reason nobody seems to want it unless they are heavily bribed ?