Well Well: Archbishop Of Canterbury Proclaims Donald Trump A Good Samaritan

Obama had his Noble Prize, but President Trump has been proclaimed a good Samaritan by no less than the former Archbishop of Canterbury.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury has described Donald Trump as a ‘Good Samaritan’ for the American people.

Lord Carey said the US President had offered the country ‘a voice’ and said he had ‘deep sympathies’ with the forces that propelled him to victory last year.

At the Oxford Literary Festival Lord Carey said: ‘Many will recoil at the identification of Donald Trump as the Good Samaritan but why not?

‘Is it not true that we have wounded and left-behind communities passed by by the elite who are too distracted and busy with their own agendas, too busy to look over to see someone in distress?

‘And intervention that makes a difference is from a totally unexpected source, the Samaritan, the Outsider.’

The Good Samaritan is a Parable in which a man is beaten by robbers and then ignored by a priest and a Levite until being helped by a Samaritan.

Lord Carey said Mr Trump, just like the Samaritan, was offering Americans more than just words.
He insisted that Mr Trump’s ‘indifference’ to ‘conservative sexual guidelines’ and ‘hedonistic lifestyle’ were irrelevant.

—The Daily Mail

An interesting choice of words on the part of the the Archbishop, seeing as so many would prefer that his supporters not only not have a voice, but would just “hurry up and die” Not to mention all the people who seem to have confused the president with the devil.

This will likely not impact the thinking of the left much. Their relationship with religion is usually contempt or indifference, so at most you could expect more  of the same. Most of the news media will of course just not bother to carry this, it has three strikes against it from their point of view. It’s complimentary to the president, it involves religion and it points out that people they hold in contempt (anyone in flyover country or the south) have been getting something of a raw deal from their ever so enlightened policies.

On the right the president’s supporters will likely smile, while those who have dug in their heels will just do more mental gymnastics.