The New Australian Womens Weightlifting Champ is ? You Guessed It A Guy

It’s getting bad when I can’t even come up with clickbait titles anymore to cover the destruction of women’s sports.

A Kiwi weightlifter has made history as the first transgender athlete to represent New Zealand and come away with a win, however the victory has been slammed by other competitors.

Laurel Hubbard, 39, won the women’s over 90kg division at the Australian International competition in Melbourne on Sunday, but the win has caused a stir with some believing she had an unfair advantage.

Her combined total of 268kg was nearly 20kg better than Samoan runner-up Iuniarra Sipaia, with another 20kg back to the next lifter in the field.

The performance puts Hubbard in line for selection at the 2017 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

While her eligibility passed the International Olympic Committee’s criteria, Hubbard’s win was met with criticism from Australian competitors who believe a transgender athlete in the female weightlifting category was not an equal playing field.


Yeah an unfair advantage I’ll say. If you are going to let men lift against women you might as well just eliminate the women’s division. This isn’t sexism just the simple fact that there is no comparison between a mans upper body strength and a woman’s. I may be old fashioned but I still remember when the goal of sports was to have an honest and fair competition not to see who could obtain the most ridiculous advantages.