When Did The GOP Fall In Love With Taxes ?

We just had an election where the voters soundly rejected the idea that we should kill our economy to appease the global warming gods. Hell even Pennsylvania turned red to say no, please stop killing the coal and steel industries. Where the electorate said “Would you please mind not crippling American manufacturing anymore ?”. Given all that just why in hell is the GOP even talking about a carbon tax ?

GOP Groups Call Carbon Tax A Free Market Solution To Climate Change

 Various conservative groups are ramping up efforts to promote what they call “free enterprise” policies to wrestle the climate change warrior title from Democrats.GOP-affiliated groups, such as ConservAmerica and republicEn, are doubling efforts to recruit Republican lawmakers to work on rebutting President Donald Trump’s climate skepticism. They are also hoping to hijack the Democrats’ traditional stranglehold on the environmental movement.

Their primary goal is to use what they believe are free market solutions to so-called man-made global warming to entice Republican colleagues to jump aboard the environmental movement.

—Daily Caller

First lets be clear on this, it’s the kind of thing that proves just because you can label something free market, that doesn’t mean it isn’t completely stupid. Any kind of carbon credit or carbon tax will have one and only one effect. It will move economic activity that uses energy in this country to other countries where they laugh at this sort of thing.
“Conservatives now have a chance to earn back the trust of Americans on environmental issues,” Alex Bozmoski, an adviser with republicEn, told reporters Monday. “They can lead in a completely different direction that actually grows the economy while cutting greenhouse gasses.”
Conservatives really do have a chance to earn back the trust on environmental issues. They can do it by not falling for stupid scams like carbon taxes.