Why I Am Still Happy To Count Myself A Republican (And Will Forever Laugh At Democrats)

I saw this tweet and I had to laugh. First at the tweet and then at the horribly bitter responses (If the democrats were business oriented they would be selling the salty from those tears) As bad as the backbiting in the party may be, as obsessed as we may be over who is and isn’t a conservative, we just come out so far ahead in so many ways.

  1. At least we didn’t have a party chair that decided to make a mockery of our primaries
  2. At least we didn’t replace our corrupt party chair with an interim chair that tried to rig the debates
  3. When it came time to pick our new party chair it wasn’t a choice of crazy racists
  4. Matter of fact our new Chairman is so professional you probably can’t name them without looking them up
  5. We aren’t looking to put proven corrupt people back into positions of trust
  6. We aren’t doubling down on tactics that have alienated the country

So while it may be bothersome to watch us get in our own way, and in general behave like the keystone cops at least we are looking to live up to our principles instead of turning the party into a thinly veiled patronage racket/crime family the way the Democrats have done with theirs.

Oh one last thing, We don’t have a socialist like Dr. Stein or Senator Sanders  who can rightly call all of us dupes and idiots.