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Even In San Francisco Adam Smith Gets The Last Laugh

The SF Bay area terminally hip, filled with young people who think the stove is airtight storage cabinet and who would be hard pressed to boil water without a microwave. The number two dining location in the country and it has a booming economy, then “Why are the restaurants dying”

Upward of 60 restaurants around the Bay Area have closed since the start of September alone, with many citing difficulties like the cost of finding and keeping good employees, rising rents, new requirements for providing health care and sick leave, and doing it all while competing with the slew of new dining options.

The restaurant industry has always been among the most competitive and challenging to navigate, and failures are nothing new, but the current struggles have left some wondering if the traditional dining model might be headed for an overhaul.

“We’re at this precipice where the model of the full-service restaurant is being pushed to the brink,” said Gwyneth Borden, executive director of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association.

—East Bay Times

While San Franciscans may wonder what is killing the restaurant business in their city, they can’t claim conservatives didn’t tell them this would happen when they went to raise the minimum wage.

Clearly, restaurant employment has grown far slower this year in cities that raised the minimum wage than in the rest of the states in which those cities are located. This year restaurant employment in the metropolitan areas with major cities that raised the minimum wage only grew 1.1 percent through September. In the surrounding state areas, however, restaurant employment grew 2.8 percent.

American Action Forum

Today, the Employment Policies Institute (EPI) highlighted the devastating impact that Oakland’s new $12.25 minimum wage is having on the city’s Chinatown district. It was reported in the San Francisco Chronicle this weekend that at least ten businesses in and around Chinatown, including four restaurants and six grocery stores, have closed in part due to the 36 percent wage hike
 You don’t have to be Adam Smith or Milton Friedman to have come to the conclusion the economists did, but you do have to be a certain kind of special to ignore it.

Never Let The Facts Get In The Way Of The Story

Your a reporter for big media. You know in your bones Trump is the worst president ever, so what happens when the people you want to criticize him just have nice things to say ? Fake it, what are they going to do call you out on it ? Turns out in the twenty first century that’s exactly what does happen.

ABC News admitted to editing an interview they had with Ari Fleischer regarding Trump’s press secretary that made it appear he was attacking him, rather than praising him.

On Tuesday, former president George W. Bush’s press secretary called out the network on Twitter for chopping his quote that aired Monday night on “Nightline” and proving Spicer’s point about the media’s dedication to reporting negatively about the Trump administration.

Tuesday night the network issued an apology for “editing” the interview that “shortened” Fleisher’s quote and  resulted in his opinion being “mischaracterized.”

With this kind of reporting it won’t surprise if Trump comes out on top on the inauguration crowd size fight. The media have done nothing to convince anyone they aren’t out for blood, and every time they stoop to tactics like this it just reinforces the message they are the bad guys.

Speaking of that “Fake News” The CBC went so far as to hire fake racists

I usually enjoy it when America is number one, but I think I will let Canada have the number one spot for most ridiculous fake news.

It seems that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Marketplace show was unable to find a racist Trump supporter. Instead, they hired an actor named Mike to portray one as you shall see. Mike’s job as a racist Trump supporter was to sell a couple of White Power T-shirts along with a “Make Canada Great Again” T-shirt. It was their laughably unsubtle attempt to link Donald Trump to racism.

—MRC Newsbusters

Isn’t this the sort of thing the left is always accusing the right of doing, but somehow never has any evidence of it happening ?

P.S. I didn’t think Trump was running for office in Canada whats up with these people ?

 Quote of the day:

“The trouble with Republicans is that when they get into trouble, they start acting like cannibals.”

Going to leave the author as a fill in the blank, see if you can pair the quote with the politician.


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