Tracking Trump: Season One Score Card

Are you a #NeverTrump ? Do you think anyone who actually believed Trump was a complete chump ? Well here’s the game that is made for you and the scorecard that will let you play easily

About the game:

President elect trump as part of his campaign made a contract with America Where he has made specific promises he would accomplish during his first hundred days in office. These are things he says he would do in return for support from the electorate. Some of these promises are completely meaningless, a few are impossible to decide if they are fulfilled. The rest are easy to evaluate and score.

To Play: Read the score card, read the contract, make your predictions on how well he will do, and which ones he will and wont deliver on. As the news unfolds, the score card will be updated and you can check your predictions against his promises. If you like, you can tell any of TrumpsChumps, ” I told you so” as his performance warrants. If you are kinder person, you can just enjoy the satisfaction of predictions well made.

Scorecard: Broken Down By Category In Contract

Scotus From This List

Item: Accomplished/Fail
Constitutional Amendment Term Limits Undetermined
Hiring Freeze Federal Employees Undetermined
Eliminate 2 Regulations For Every New 1 Undetermined
5 Year ban on revolving door Undetermined
Lifetime Ban On Foreign Lobbying Undetermined
Remove Foreign Money From Elections Undetermined
Renegotiate Or Withdraw From Nafta Undetermined
Withdrawal From The TPP LIKELY
Label China A Currency Manipulator Undetermined
Trade Rep Prosecute All Foreign Trade Abuses Undetermined
Lift Restrictions On American Energy Reserves Undetermined
Remove Regulations On Energy Infrastructure Undetermined
Cancel Payments To U.N. For Climate Change Undetermined
Cancel Obama’s Unconstitutional Exec Orders Undetermined
Select Constitutionalist To Replace Scalia Offered to Cruz
Cancel All Federal Funding For Sanctuary Cities Undetermined
Begin Deporting Two Million + Illegal Immigrants Undetermined
Suspend Immigration From Terror  Regions Undetermined
Middle Class Tax Relief And Simplification Undetermined
End Offshoring By Tarrifs Undetermined
Infrastruc: Trillion$ In Spending Over 10 years Undetermined
School Choice And Education Act Undetermined
Repeal Obamacare Likely
Affordable Child And Elder Care Undetermined
Build The Wall Undetermined
(Fed dollars for local law enforcement) Undetermined
Rebuild The Military Undetermined
Clean Up Corruption In Washington DC Undetermined
From Debate: Prosecute Hillary UNLIKELY
Outside Statement:
Select Scotus From This List Undetermined


First result is already coming in and the first 100 days hasn’t started. He is wavering on repealing Obamacare. Trump to Wall Street Journal: Maybe We’ll Keep Obamacare Around

Withdrawal from the TPP: Looks like that is happening anyway.

Bonus Points: Include any of the many other promises he has made and the enhancers as well. If the wall does get built will Mexico be paying for it ?


My Personal Predictions:

The never fails will both go through:

Porculus the Trump edition, and Porculus for Law Enforcement: Both get enacted close enough to the promised form to be considered promise kept. Pork is the one constant in American politics you almost never go wrong betting that it will win.

The never happens wont.:

Constitutional Amendment for term limits: Drugs and or a very low opinion of the voter were at work here.

Clean Up Corruption In DC: Obama was more credible about making sea levels change but we will see.

Bans on lobbying: Probably not even constitutional.

Remove Foreign Money: Bout as much chance as he has cleaning up corruption.

The Just What Does This Actually Mean ?

Rebuild the Military ? It needs it ? and into what ?

Lift Restrictions on 50 trillion in energy reserves ? What restrictions what is he calling a reserve and how is it valued ?

Eliminate 2 old regulations for every new one ? You can do that by just eliminating the number and combining them up.