Enabling Hillary: VA Gov. Terry McCauliffe Pardons 60,000 Felons Just In Time To Vote

There’s reasons we vote against Democrats. We believe in rule of law, fair elections and honest government all things that current Democratic Party couldn’t give spit about. Don’t think so ? Look at the following.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has granted voting rights to as many as 60,000 convicted felons just in time for them to register to vote, nearly five times more than previously reported and enough to win the state for his long-time friend, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

McAuliffe sought to allow all of Virginia’s estimated 200,000 felons to vote, but state courts said each individual felon’s circumstances must be weighed. To get around that, McAuliffe used a mechanical autopen to rapidly sign thousands of letters, as if he had personally reviewed them, even as his office was saying the total was 13,000.

He hits a triple play with that. Knocks out rule of law, honest government and fair elections all in one shot.  He will likely be in violation of the Virginia State Constitution after this.
Article V. Executive
Section 12. Executive clemency

The Governor shall have power to remit fines and penalties under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by law; to grant reprieves and pardons after conviction except when the prosecution has been carried on by the House of Delegates; to remove political disabilities consequent upon conviction for offenses committed prior or subsequent to the adoption of this Constitution; and to commute capital punishment.

He shall communicate to the General Assembly, at each regular session, particulars of every case of fine or penalty remitted, of reprieve or pardon granted, and of punishment commuted, with his reasons for remitting, granting, or commuting the same.

Seeing as the constitution seems to imply that each pardon should have an individual basis and consideration by the governor what’s more the State Supreme Court has already ruled that his attempts to grant mass amnesty to felons was unconstitutional

The Virginia Supreme Court on Friday ruled against Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s executive order seeking to reinstate the right to vote to approximately 206,000 Virginians who had been convicted of a felony but had completed their sentences.

Writing for a 4-3 court, Chief Justice Donald W. Lemons held that the “assertion that a Virginia governor has the power to grant blanket, group pardons” is “irreconcilable” with the Constitution of Virginia.
The ruling is a political setback to Democrats and was issued in the critical state about an hour before Hillary Clinton announced she would choose former Virginia governor and current Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate. The court’s opinion actually mentions Kaine, noting that when he was governor he contemplated a similar executive order but in the end was advised that he couldn’t issue such a sweeping action.


 If we still have rule of law in this country, McCauliffe will be brought before the courts to answer for this. Unfortunately he isn’t alone in this, and he isn’t even benefiting directly from this. He isn’t on Tuesday’s ballot but Hillary is and so are Virginia’s eleven congressional seats, you can draw your own conclusions about what effect this will have on the election, how he will benefit, and how the people of this country will lose. Then remember why you voted against Democrats in the past.