The Near Future, Elections Without The GOP Or Even Ideological Questions?

I remember reading Megatrends back in the 80s and thinking Mr. Naisbitt had a pretty reasonable take on trend analysis and the idea that our trends usually start in California didn’t seem to be offbeat. Now I am hoping I was wrong.

When 818,000 voters in Los Angeles County fill out their ballots this election, they will find themselves in strange political territory: The only Republican names they’ll see will be presidential nominee Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence.

In this GOP “dead zone” — spanning parts of five congressional districts, five state Assembly districts and one state Senate district — not a single Republican candidate made it on to the November ballot.

This scenario is the result of California’s relatively new, voter-approved primary system in which the two candidates who finish with the most votes in the June election go on to the general election — even if they are from the same party.

Chances for Republicans are so bad that between the three races, only one Republican even competed in the primary. The other 13 candidates were Democrats.

That means a voter in Sylmar will have to decide whether to send Rep. Tony Cardenas back to Washington or replace him with former L.A. City Councilman Richard Alarcon, who is set to be retried on perjury and voter fraud charges later this year. Both are Democrats.

—LA Times

To me this looks like the Democrat endgame in a nutshell. You have a criminal who literally rigged the voting system as electable, because of identity and Democrat party affiliation, no one else need apply. The only questions for show  are how much is the government going to hand out and whose cronies are going to be sticking their noses in the public trough. The only real question was who were the party bosses backing.

This isn’t democracy, it isn’t a republic, it’s a kleptocratic oligarchy at work and the only question is can anything still be done to stop it.