State Dept. Hired Lawyers From Hillary's Firm To Handle Emails

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte called on the State Department’s inspector general Thursday to investigate why the agency hired a pair of lawyers from Williams and Connolly, the law firm representing Hillary Clinton, to handle Freedom of Information Act requests for her emails.

Catherine Duval and Austin Evers, the two lawyers, had no prior experience handling FOIA requests or classified document productions, the Virginia Republican said.

“At the very least, this suspect arrangement raises questions about the State Department hiring process,” Goodlatte wrote to Steven Linick, the agency’s inspector general.

At worst, it suggests willful obstruction by handpicked Clinton associates at the State Department on behalf of former Secretary Clinton, to ensure damaging or incriminating documents never saw the light of day,” he added.

—The Washington Examiner

It seems just yesterday I remember when people were saying that Hillary’s email problems would just drift away with the next news cycle. My how things have changed. Just when you think this scandal has gone as far down the rabbit hole that it can. when every possible violation of law, ethics, and common sense could possibly have been violated, something worse pops up. This scandal is actually spawning investigations of the investigations at this point.

Anyway lets just take a look at what we have so far. Hillary deleted emails after being subpoenaed for all the emails related to Benghazi and asked by the state dept to return her professional records to them http://www.politico.com Then we have her lying about what was wiped, how it was wiped, and her knowledge of the material (“C that meant classified ? Who knew ?). We had her directing employees to send classified email through insecure means. We have had the State Dept run interference for her, and attempt to bribe the FBI with greater access to embassies (Just why in all that is holy isn’t the FBI able to get the resources it needs that it has to be bribed by State ?). The State dept has failed to comply with court orders (Something of a theme in the Obama Administration), concerning delivering emails per the freedom of information act. Now we have the people who are delivering the emails to the court and the public are actually employees of the Clintons ? What possibly could be wrong with that ?