Can You Name A Single Admirable Accomplishment Of Hillary Clinton ?

I know it’s the usual video showing the completely clueless college kids saying what they think they are supposed to say without any understanding of why they are saying it. Aldous Huxley would be proud, our education/media system has at last managed to code unconscious knowledge into students heads without them even having the ability to properly examine or question the fact. It’s a pretty sad commentary on where we are now.

What’s more interesting than the simple lack of knowledge is what the kids come up with when pressed. “Hillary Clinton is a woman”, I’ll concede for the sake of argument that women have the more difficult time as a gender but accomplishments are usually something people accomplish, not things that accidents of their circumstance. Then there was “She does a lot for women, and overall has good morals”. Well if promoting tired stereotypes of women is good for them who am I to argue ?

As comical as the video may be it’s not nearly as telling as what prominent Democrat officials had to say on the subject, when challenged by Politico.


‘Nearly every foreign policy victory of President Obama’s second term has Secretary Clinton’s fingerprints on it’

American foreign policy was stronger when Hillary Clinton left the State Department than when she arrived. She took the reins from a Bush administration that had left America’s reputation deeply damaged and planted the seeds for the foreign policy successes we see today. From the agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, to the landmark normalization of relations with Cuba, nearly every foreign policy victory of President Obama’s second term has Secretary Clinton’s fingerprints on it.

By Harry Reid, Senate Democratic leader.

Well isn’t that something. Especially seeing as Obama’s foreign policy victory’s rank up there with Madison dragging the country into the war of 1812 by accident, and I might add without the spirit of unity that followed. But just to be fair lets look at those foreign policy successes.
We have the deal with Iran where we lifted sanctions, gave them a payoff, agreed to provide them with civilian nuclear equipment, gained nearly nothing in terms of monitoring their weapons programs and now have them shelling our navy http://www.redstate.com/streiff/2016/10/17/third-time.-us-destroyer-attacked-iranian-backed-militia/ Well that’s something. Next up in that part of the world, we have civil war in Syria, and Yemen, Iran gaining greater influence and Libya destabilized. Have to wonder if Senator Reid was damning with faint praise
The rest are much along the same lines. We find Chuck Schumer crediting her with getting relief for NYC post 9/11, he might as well credit her with the rising of the sun in the east. Or there is crediting her with stopping Hamas from firing rockets into Israel, the Israeli military might have different ideas about that (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Palestinian_rocket_attacks_on_Israel,_2014, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Israel%E2%80%93Gaza_conflict) seeing as it took their intervention in 2014 to actually stop the attacks and will likely be required again in the future.

So turns out the students didn’t do so bad after all. At least they didn’t fabricate accomplishments.