Reality Check: According To Polling If The Tape Has You Wanting Trump Gone, You Just May Be A Democrat

If The Tape Is What’s Making You Call For Trump To Step Aside, You Just May Be A Democrat.


In recent years watching the GOP form a circular firing squad and destroying any chances of what might be thought of as the conservative agenda has gotten to be something of a tradition. In more recent times not only do we abandon any chance of gaining our stated goals, we seem to go out of our way hand the Democrats what they want on a silver platter.  Now we have the latest trigger pull for our party’s self destruct mechanism, but funny thing this time the party rank and file aren’t going along with the order to suicide, at least that’s what the latest polling from Politico is implying. Trump is down less than one percent in their polling and calls for him to step down are overwhelmingly concentrated in Democrats.

As of now, GOP voters largely want the party to stand behind Trump. Nearly three-quarters of Republican voters, 74 percent, surveyed on Saturday said party officials should continue to support Trump. Only 13 percent think the party shouldn’t back him.

A 74-percent majority of all voters had a negative reaction to the video — including 47 percent who said their feelings were a zero (very negative). But there’s a partisan element to voters’ reactions to the video: 69 percent of Democratic voters said they had a very negative impression after watching it, but only 22 percent of Republicans gave it a zero rating. Ten percent of Republicans said the video gave them a positive feeling.

An even sharper partisan dynamic existed when voters were asked whether the video gave them a more favorable or less favorable impression of Trump. Among all voters, 61 percent said it made them feel either somewhat or much less favorable toward Trump, while 28 percent said it didn’t affect their view of Trump; 8 percent said it made them feel more favorably toward Trump.

But just 48 percent of GOP voters said it made them feel less favorably toward Trump, while 36 percent said it didn’t affect their opinion of Trump.

I am sure our Democratic friends are sincere here and not just gleeful over the idea of 8 years of Hillary.