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The Clinton Foundation Has Been Consistently Deceiving The IRS.

The Clinton Foundation has apparently been playing fast and loose with the IRS from it’s inception, according to the Daily Caller

It was during the foundation’s first six full years of existence from 1998 to 2004 when the tight-knit circle of Clinton insiders progressively mis-represented in annual tax filings the non-profit’s activities and compliance with its exempt purpose. In the IRS’s 1997 determination letter granting exemption, the federal tax agency instructed foundation officials that to retain the prized exempt status they must inform the government if you “change your sources of support, your purposes, character or method of operation … so we can consider the effect of the change on your exempt status and foundation status.”

The Clinton Foundation did not comply.

On the foundation’s 1998 Form 990, officials described the non-profit’s .” That description was taken directly from the first sentence of the foundation’s application for tax-exempt status. The rest of the application’s description referred only to the library and related projects.exempt purpose as “to design, construct and initially endow a presidential archival deposit

—The Daily Caller

 Indeed the purpose of the multi billion dollar Clinton foundation is building and maintaining the Clinton Library. All the other activities that it has raised money for and spent money on were never entitled to tax exempt status at all.


Cornell College Republicans Endorse Gary Johnson. And Immediately Get Decertified.

Guess they should rename themselves the Cornell College Libertarians ?

Last Friday the Cornell University Republicans endorsed Libertarian Gary Johnson for president, calling him “the true conservative in this election” and saying “this election’s unprecedented nature has made blind commitment to our Party unpalatable.” But blind commitment is what political parties are all about, so the very next day the New York Federation of College Republicans decertified the Cornell chapter, insisting that you cannot be a true Republican if you aren’t willing to swallow the steaming pile of s**t that is Donald Trump.


I understand their position, but they had to know what they were getting into when they decided to be a farm team for the GOP.

What Happens When You Start Playing Around With The Definition Of Marriage ?

Nothing Good !!!

DUNCAN, Okla. – A mother and daughter from Oklahoma are accused of having an incestuous marriage.

Patricia Spann, 43, and Misty Spann, 25, were married in March 2016 in Comanche County, court records show. Police say Patricia is Misty’s biological mother. Investigators with the Department of Human Services discovered the illegal relationship in August while investigating the children who were inside the Spanns’ home.


This isn’t just about redefining gay marriage as appropriate. It’s about defining morality as whatever is pleasant in the moment and whatever the individual would like it to be. As bad as the breakdown in communication of values and morals is in this case, it is equaled or exceeded by the prior case of  Ms. Spann marrying one of her sons. Clearly somehow the idea this isn’t acceptable behavior wasn’t passed on. The question is just how bad a job are we doing passing on proper values ?

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Quote Of The Day

By the side of these religious men I discern others whose looks are turned to the earth more than to Heaven; they are the partisans of liberty, not only as the source of the noblest virtues, but more especially as the root of all solid advantages; and they sincerely desire to extend its sway, and to impart its blessings to mankind. It is natural that they should hasten to invoke the assistance of religion, for they must know that liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith;

Alexis De Tocqueville -Democracy In America Vol 1 1835

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge Of Economics

This is a bit of a fun one my score was 18/20. I will say that I think two of the questions are wrong. See if you can spot them I will post them later in the day.

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