Watercooler 8/4/16 Hillary Pushes For Higher Taxes; Hillary Holds Cybersecurity Themed Fundraiser; Hillary Hires Army Of Trolls;


So Rare When A Clinton Slips Up And Tells The Truth

“Well, we’re not going there, my friends. I’m telling you, right now – we’re going to write fairer rules for the middle class and we are going to raise taxes on the middle class!

—-The Daily Wire

The scary thing is, her crowd cheers at this. You can see the video here.

Just how much more is there to take from the people who actually pay taxes ?

Hillary Holds Cybersecurity Themed Fund Raiser At The Blackhat Security Conference

Background, Blackhat is a Computer Security conference dedicated to penetrating secure systems.

Hillary for America Cybersecurity Fundraiser at Black Hat with Jeff Moss, Michael Sulmeyer, and Jake Braun

Please join us for an event with founder of Black Hat and DefCon hacking conferences, Jeff Moss, Hillary for America Cybersecurity Working Group Coordinator, Michael Sulmeyer, along with former DHS White House Liaison, Jake Braun, for an evening discussing cyber policy issues facing the next administration. Hosts include former Senior Congressional Advisor to the Under Secretary of NPPD’s Cybersecurity and Communications Office, Sonny Sinha

Hillary For America

Cost for tickets ranged from $500 to $2700, I guess for the comic relief it may have been worth it.

Hillary’s Pac Hires Army Of Trolls

Correct The Record’s “Barrier Breakers” project admitted in a press release that it pays young people to pretend to be Hillary Clinton supporters, and claims that 5,000 unsuspecting social media users have already been “addressed” by the PAC’s mercenary social media warriors – with the promise that many more will be “corrected” in the near future.


That’s what I am looking forward to in my America. Armies of paid Hillary shills making sure to correct anyone that doesn’t support her.

Quiz: Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader ?  If you are pro Trump, save time skip the quiz 

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