President Reagan and the 1969 Berkeley Protests: An eerily prophetic message

At roughly 1:25 in the clip

All of it began the first time some of you who know better and are old enough to know better let young people think they have the right to choose the laws they would obey as long as they were doing it in the name of social protest

– Governor Ronald Reagan

These days the news seems to be little more than flashbacks to the darker times of my youth. We have riots in our cities again, a president who is easily among the worst in memory, and a left that has turned the children of the nation into their shock troops. Then governor Reagan was right. There is nothing in the constitution that lets protesters on either side make the law. They do not have the right to deprive others of their rights, just as no one has the right to take the law into their own hands.

What has become of us that we forgot such a basic set of truths ?