Hillary Clinton shaking down Exxon

From the International Business Times

Hillary Clinton is now supporting a federal investigation of ExxonMobil following the latestdisclosures that the giant oil company worked to hide the effects of climate change. Her call for an investigation comes only months after the company decided to stop sponsoring her family’s foundation.

Of course it’s Hillary, so this isn’t even the best of the worst of it. What she wants probed is Exxon’s spending on research about and education regarding Global Warming.

She declared in New Hampshire Thursday that a probe was now justified because “there’s a lot of evidence that they misled” the public on the effects of climate change. There has long been ample evidence of ExxonMobil’s role in promoting “skeptics” who challenge widely accepted climate science.

Not even elected yet, but already engaged in extortion, abuse of office, and attempting frivolous prosecution, well frivolous as long as the first amendment still holds.