Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary cities getting moved to the front burner

I have to say thanks to  [mc_name name=”Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR)” chamber=”senate” mcid=”C001095″ ] for proposing this piece of legislation today.

“The senseless murder of a young woman in San Francisco last week tragically illustrates that the politicization of the immigration debate has now swamped even common-sense efforts to protect public safety. It is unacceptable that cities would issue ordinances that explicitly aim to frustrate federal immigration laws that are supposed to keep illegal immigrant felons off the streets.  U.S. taxpayers shouldn’t be expected to support such misguided local policies that put their safety in jeopardy. No matter their political affiliation, local officials should support the rule of law and protect the safety of all Americans.” 
I can’t imagine any American who believes in the rule of law of supporting the concept of a sanctuary city. It’s nothing short of courageous for the Senator to address a problem so many others would just like to ignore.
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