New evidence shows long term climate change very real

Unfortunately for us its getting colder at least according to this study in Nature.


It turns out the warmest period in recent history isn’t the current age, but the Roman warm period 2000 years ago and that since then the globe has been cooling by half a degree Fahrenheit every 1000 years.  Well at least its a relief I won’t have to find a store selling parkas in Florida any time soon. It does beg the question just what were those evil Romans doing to warm the planet ? Did Caesar have an oil company and wear a cowboy hat ? Was Arminius trying to power Germany with coal ? Was the interstate highway system actually built by ancient Americans ?

While it may be fun to laugh at the fact that we have had people screaming that we are going to boil and go to a fiery death for the past 30 years, what isn’t funny is the fact that we have people in Washington operating on the rationale that we must act to save the climate. They can’t explain what we are saving the climate from or even why we wouldn’t want a somewhat warmer climate especially since it means a more productive and healthy world. It would be even funnier, if your food, electrical, and gasoline costs haven’t been sent soaring because it has been decided against all reasonable evidence that CO2 should be treated as a pollutant.