Climate Bill Dead, Economy gets reprieve ?

From  Rolling Stone

“What is abundantly clear, is that an economy-wide program, which the president has talked about for years now, is not doable in the Senate.”

Climate Czar , Carol Browner

From The New York Times

IF President Obama and Congress had announced that no financial reform legislation would pass unless Goldman Sachs agreed to the bill, we would conclude our leaders had been standing in the Washington sun too long. Yet when it came to addressing climate change, that is precisely the course the president and Congress took. Lacking support from those most responsible for the problem, they have given up on passing a major climate bill this year

From The New York Times

It looks like our economy is getting a reprieve from the thermophobes for at least a little while.  Energy use being fundamental to our economy and way of life, the administration is not shirking from trying to destroy both. Unfortunately it looks like they have secondary target which is to further regulate electric utilities and focus on green jobs.

Lets look at the green jobs portion, this article from Human Events: How Much Does a Green Job Cost we get the figure of $100,000 per job over a two year period with that amount having to be spent again periodically. More or less 50,000/year to fund green jobs outside of D.C. people might ask wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to just pay the unemployed not to do things ? It would also probably be greener unless the green jobs consisted of picking up toxic waste or trash.

The other big focus the administration is carbon taxes for utilities. I don’t know how anyone can even consider this kind of action in the economy we are having, as it would make virtually every economic and profit making activity more difficult and less profitable. Just go through your life and think of everything you do that involves the use of energy. From the clock that wakes you up in the morning to the stove that cooks your food, to the parts that were used to make the car that gets you to work everything has an energy cost associated. When the President can say out of one side of his mouth that jobs that disappeared aren’t coming back the other side of his mouth isn’t mentioning that raising energy costs is the best way to make absolutely certain they don’t come back.

On a personal note, whenever I hear the green plan for reforming our economy it always seems to get translated into the Allied strategic bombing plan during World War II. First they want to take our the Oil and fuel industries, then they want to take out the utilities and industrial sectors. It would be an amazingly good idea if it was directed at an enemy not at ourselves with the goal of destroying our own economy.