Thinking Left

XKCD Comic for monday Oct 13 2008

*DRM= Digital Rights Management = A means of crippling both the content and playback equipment

Look at the above. If you are a rock ribbed conservative the fallacy of the comics argument jumps out and hits you in the nose before you have even finished reading it. You don’t steal other people’s stuff and if you don’t like the way a product is provided you either find another source or you do without. Nobody ever told you, you were supposed to have everything in life or that it was supposed to be a bed of roses. Sometimes you will have to do without.

For the left there is no principled choice, the creator of property has no say in the matter. For them there exits an unbounded ability to strip people of the fruits of their labor and if tradition, the law, societal norms or just common decency stand in the way, so what.

Lets make no bones about it. DRM was a horrible business idea. It made consumers feel like fish on hooks and made it damn well apparent you when you bought music/video what have you, you weren’t buying much of anything. Oddly enough though the market actually solved the problem. Because of consumer resistance, there are now numerous outlets that sell restriction media. These include not just all the major record labels but ITunes as well.

Taking a look at the history you see

  1. A Perceived problem in the market
  2. A reaction by the customers
  3. An adjustment by the producers.

Along the way to 3 you had both sides attempting to use government to force their vision on the world. The content producers managed to have the Clinton Administration enact one of the worst pieces of legislation ever conceived.( The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998). On the lefts side you have had attempts to destroy all copyright rights.

The lesson ? We as a nation are far to quick and believing that mother government can and should try to solve our problems. Before you can sell conservatism to people you need to sell them on the idea that they can be and always are responsible for themselves.