Obama: King Of Spin

From New Scientist

Amount of spin in speeches by politician

If anyone ever had any doubt about it, there is now scientific confirmation that Barrack Obama spins like a turbine in a nuclear power plant. Whats more the bigger the problem and the bigger the issue the more he spins. Take note we may be able to solve our energy issues by hooking him up to a generator and asking him really hard questions.

McCain on the other hand has the lowest spin index and actually provides straight talk. A nice change of pace that a politician is keeping their word even while already in office.

The results were arrived at by having a computer program evaluate the text of speeches from all the candidates and looking for evasive and equivocal phrases. The use of we instead of I that allow the politician to distance themselves from the statement. Or the use of scapegoats or attempts to redirect the answer were counted as adding to spin.

The key graph from the article is a lovely confirmation of what anyone who has been following the depressing candidacy of B. Obama already knew.

So the analysis appears to back up McCain’s claim that he is a “straight talker”. However, for the purposes of political speech-making this may not be an entirely good thing for him. “Obama uses spin in his speeches very well,” says Skillicorn. For example, Obama’s spin level skyrockets when facing problems in the press, such as when Jeremiah Wright, the reverend of his former church, made controversial comments to the press.

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