My Take on "Party"

After watching Sean Hannity’s special on “Fight to Control Congress”,  I sent him this response:
Your program, “Fight to Control Congress” on Sunday was interesting, but you, and most others in this country, fail to realize where the real battle lies. It is not a battle between Democrats and Republicans, a batttle which you fervently promote. (And this is where you do a disservice to your country.) It is a battle between those who feel they are superior and better connected and think they are more qualified to lead……. and those who really believe we are all “created equal”, with the only difference being….. we have different jobs. (A majority believe this, by the way.) That is why Congress is deaf to the will of the people. They are the chosen few.
You have fallen for, and been sucked into, the argument that one political party, no matter which one, inherently has all the right answers. If you really cared about our (your) country, you would see through that in a second. But no, you prefer to promote the idea that Republicans have all the right answers, which is as flawed as someone claiming the Democrats have the same. With the continued existence of our country at stake, and all you and others on both sides can do, is blame the other guy, resulting in nothing substantive being done to fix our problems, but further dividing us in the process. Your blind partisanship is obvious and that blind partisanship, which has engulfed the United States, is the main reason we are where we are today. Partisanship is more important than the United States of America. That is what you are peddling and that is what most Americans believe, thanks in part, to you.
Shame on you. If you could get your head out of your partisan butt for a minute, you would realize that most of us are on the same team, it’s just that party politics has divided us to the extent that we can’t agree on what’s best for our country, and we are all paying for it, and you are promoting it. And, after all, that’s exactly what both parties want. Wake up, Hannity, you are a pawn in the big picture.
Here’s a quote from one of my posts:
The Democratic party is not primarily concerned with the best interests of the country!
The Republican party is not primarily concerned with the best interests of the country!

They are both mostly concerned with what is best for their own party. Period!  Not you, not me….Just the party. And either one of them is perfectly willing to let this country go down the drain as long as each can blame it on the other, still cursing each other and throwing accusations as we sink out of sight. Watch any politician of any political persuasion on TV and observe his conversation evolve into a blame game. It would be a rare occurence, indeed, if it didn’t happen that way.
This is what partisanship for the sake of partisanship is doing to America. This is what we get when so many think that party, ideology and race, are the only standards we should use to elect those who will decide whether this country lives or dies. This is what we have given ourselves and our kids.