This is an open letter to the people of the United States of America….. Those whom it  particularly concerns know exactly who you are…..

       I was taught, and I continued to believe for a long time, that our elected officials were given their jobs, by us,  in order to oversee the wellbeing of those who elected them, simply because it would be impossible to have 300 million+ people in one room,  trying to decide an issue.  Boy, was I wrong! The one thing that must be remembered, and that most have forgotten or ignored, is that basically, we are all the same. The only difference between any of us is that we have different jobs or education and, most importantly, common sense is not learned in school. And if your job is in the government sector, you are automatically smarter, more intelligent and inherently know what is best for the United States of America, better than anyone else. ( Plus, you’ve got your job forever, if you want it or can keep it.) And, the ignorant among us are willing to believe endless rhetoric while blindly following their own party line and trusting that what politicians are telling us is the truth. This, in itself, is the precursor to the downfall of our country.
      A majority of the voting public, Republican or Democrat, is too damn lazy or too preoccupied with other things to bother with their responsibility of educating themselves about the issues important to their own country and their own life before voting, preferring instead to vote with whomever they are registered with or whoever promised the most that they think will benefit them. I am sorely dissappointed that most people in my country, all the way up to the top, are not overly interested in the wellfare of the country, but rather devoted to the struggle over who wins the pissing match between the Democrats and the Republicans!  And this is what our future depends on?? Give me a break!
     I’m sure that many will continue to support their party of choice without having a clue as to why, other than “that’s my party” or “he will pay my mortgage.” I would like to thank all of you in that category in advance for directing my country into oblivion. It is my sincere desire that I can meet each and every one of you in person someday, to thank you properly.