Dreams Really Do Come True

One night awhile back I awoke from a weird dream and, as is not the norm, I remembered every little detail. Sometimes I can only recall fleeting glimpses of my nightly travels or, more likely, nothing at all. 
I was leisurely strolling through a damp forest somewhere, sun shining, no breeze, no sound. Looking up as I walked, gazing at the treetops as the sunlight filtered down, I tripped and stumbled into a large, wet, mucky puddle and sunk up to my waist. The suction on my legs from the sucking mud beneath the water allowed almost no movement from beltbuckle down. As I stayed motionless, trying to think of a way out, the water was noticeably creeping up my body. “Great!”, I thought. “Now what?” I hollered and hollered for help until my throat was raw. 
After what seemed like an eternity and now submerged up to my shoulders and more than a little terrified, I hear an answer from my left. “Where are you?”, he yelled. “I’m over here,” I screamed. With that, a middle aged man bounded onto the trail about fifty yards down. Almost simultaneously, another man about the same age appears from the right side of the trail. They both stop abrubtly, just looking at each other. Then the fireworks begin. They obviously knew each other and as they yelled and screamed, shaking their fingers at one another, one of them berates the Republicans and the other says some not so nice things about Democrats. And on and on they go, becoming louder and more animated.  “I really don’t need this” I’m thinking to myself. The water lapping at my chin makes their choices for President more than unimportant to me. Selfish as it may seem, I actually thought there were more pressing matters to consider other than whose party is right. “Help, you guys. I need help, now!”, I plead as I’m blowing bubbles in my final bathwater.
Slowly, as I take in that last view of those two people, totally oblivious to what’s important and arguing politics instead, my head slips beneath the surface. In a final gesture of appreciation for their assistance in my time of need, I raise my hand in a meaningful one finger salute before it, too, disappears.
Then I woke up, holding my breath. Been trying to figure out if there was a meaning to this dream, since it was one of the few I remember. Then, an epiphany!……..I was the United States of America in my dream and the two guys were the leaders of our country. It all makes sense, now.
Therefore, with gratitude in my heart, I now offer that same salute of thanks, for real this time, to politicians throughout this country who have shown us all that politics and partisanship outweigh common sense and the wellbeing of this country every time. Sweet dreams.